Exclusive: Liam Gallagher Combats The Elements In A Behind-the-scenes Clip Of His One Of Us Music Video

10 September 2019
Liam Gallagher, Music, One Of Us

Take a look behind the scenes of Liam Gallagher’s One Of Us music video

Liam Gallagher's "One Of Us" is a contemplative track. The latest single from his second solo album reflects on Oasis' split, ten years on since the band first parted ways. At its heart, it's a song about family and the impact the band's split had on the people around him, and the music video, written and directed by Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne of Peaky Blinders, takes these themes in its stride, as Gallagher walks through the North York Moors, surrounded by family photos from his childhood.

Shot in striking black and white, the "One Of Us" music video is dark and moody, as three younger versions of the Gallagher brothers sit sullenly on three chairs to represent their troubled relationship. And, in an exclusive new behind-the-scenes clip, it seems that the vibe on set was much the same as what's portrayed in the video. Shot on a wet, cold and windy day, pathetic fallacy was on hand to make sure Knight and Byrne got the brooding look that they were after. "It's f****** raining. I don't mind the cold. It's when it's raining you just look like a t***, don't you?" Gallagher said, before finding himself an umbrella. "I mean, doing videos in the Moors, you're asking for it, aren't you? You know what I mean? It's not Barbados, is it?"

Watch the full behind the scenes video below.

Via British GQ