Fans Want Henry Cavill To Take The Reigns As Wolverine

08 March 2020
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Just how likely are we to see Superman transition to the mutton chop-wearing Wolverine?

Ever since our beloved Hugh Jackman walked away from the role of Wolverine after 2017’s Logan, fans have been busy throwing out their pick for the role.

When it was announced in 2019 that Disney and Fox’s merger would see the MCU and X-Men franchises come together with an X-Men/Avengers crossover in the pipeline, it was all we could do to contain our excitement as well as our growing speculation concerning just who might take over the mantle of Wolverine.

In an interview, franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner said casting had yet to be decided for the new Wolverine. But that hasn’t stopped celebrities from putting their hand up, with Jason Momoa announcing last year at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio that he’d be more than willing to don the adamantium if called upon. “Wolverine. Oh, I’d love to play Wolverine,” he told the audience.

But if Momoa wants the role, he’s going to have to work for it – and get the fans on his side, too. It seems the majority of fans have only one actor in mind when it comes to the debut of Wolverine within the Marvel-verse and that belongs to Mr. Henry Cavill with some steel claws.

Taking to Twitter to share their vision for the new role, fans have posted graphic designs, drawings, and various other images of what the former Superman might look like as Wolverine.

He certainly could fit the bill, but having starred as Superman in three DC films – Man of Steel, Bat v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League, it’s hard to imagine producers getting on board with this. They talk about being type-cast in Hollywood, and while Cavill has certainly shown his chops in fantasy series like Netflix’s The Witcher, shedding the public persona of Superman will be a hard task.

It might be some time before we see the final outcome of just who will don those steel claws and serve as the new Wolverine.

Via GQ Australia