Floyd Mayweather Is Trying To Troll His Way Into An MMA Superfight

20 January 2020
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Challenging Khabib and Conor to fights is one thing. 'Announcing' them without telling either MMA star is another

No matter where you stand on the personality of one Conor McGregor, there's no doubt that his win at UFC 246 yesterday re-affirmed his status as perhaps the most marketable fighter on the face of the planet.

Part of this is down to the 'give no f**ks,' pseudo-gangster attitude that's endeared him to a generation of tradies, Irish expats and young people alike. But another reason is that, in his defence, he's clearly not one to turn down a fight with anyone.

One person acutely aware of this is is legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, who famously fought McGregor in the richest bout in history, defeating him over 12 rounds in a boxing match. Talk of a second round between the pair has long been brewing, however to many MMA fans, it would have seemed that McGregor's victory over Donald Cerrone would have put him on a path back towards full-time MMA stardom, perhaps with an endgame of him fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov once more.

Mayweather, however, seems intent on cashing in on both McGregor and Nurmagomedov while they're still hot property, posting two Instagram images overnight seemingly confirming scheduled fights between Mayweather and Nurmagomedov.

Naturally, the pair of photoshop bodge jobs, which insinuate that Mayweather has the backing of both the UFC and PPV provider Showtime to post them, have a lot of people confused. Comments from members of Floyd's entourage seem to suggest that both posts are simply intended to test the waters of fan interest in each potential fight. Or maybe it's just a thinly veiled 'don't forget about me!' call out.

Whether either MMA star has any interest in stepping into the Octagon with Floyd is another matter. McGregor has previously stated that he verbally agreed to two matches against 'Money' when signing the deal to fight him in the first place, on the proviso that the second fight would take place in UFC territory.

Mayweather has also posted Instagram snaps with Khabib before, and talk of a potential fight between the two has been brewing since the three first started fighting each other.

At the same time though, aside from the pair of bumper pay cheques it would obviously generate for the 42-year-old boxer, it's hard to imagine a reason why he'd want to tarnish his literally spotless record by stepping into the Octagon (and presumably being beaten by) with two of the most dangerous men ever to the grace the UFC.

We'll be sure to bring you updates as they surface.

Via GQ Australia