For $10,000, Astroland Will Let You Live Like A Mars Colonist For 3 Days

14 October 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Astroland Agency
You can even book it on TripAdvisor right now

With the first UAE citizen in space having just returned to land, and plans to build a base on Mars, the UAE is abuzz with space talk at the moment, and this new Trip Advisor listing will only add to that.

There's a veritable wealth of unique places to stay listed on TripAdvisor right now, from huts in the furthest reaches of the Himalayas, to places that offer some of the most isolated beachfront scenery on earth. There's barely a place on our planet that we haven't just colonised, but stuck some form of accommodation in.

However, deep within rural Spain, a remote cave is home to a $10,000, 30-day experience that's unlike any other in the world right now. Dubbed Astroland, it's offering the chance to live life as a Mars colonist, right now.

(Image: Courtesy of Astroland Agency)

Despite sounding like a Travis Scott B-Side, Astroland is a project set up to filter out and test the technologies that will one day be used by the people aiming to colonise Mars. The camp is located deep within the cave, where a team of constantly rotating people, known as elects, will live in conditions aimed at simulating the isolation and enviornment of the Martian surface as close as possible.

The experience lasts a full month, but begins weeks before your stay there, when Astroland will fly a specialist mentor to help train you for your experience staying in what they've dubbed 'Ares Station'. Of course, it's not something open to everyone — a Psychologist has to declare you socially and mentally fit to enter the program before you're even admitted.

(Image: Courtesy of Astroland Agency)

You'll then fly to Santander for an intense 3-day course of mental and physical training, before you make your way to the camp — a 60 metre tall, 1.2 kilometre camp "equipped with everything necessary to test all the technologies and human performance capabilities that will be required to survive life on Mars."

After successfully transitioning into the role of amateur astronaut, you'll stay at Ares Station for three days, essentially acting as part-tourist, part explorer, part lab rat. "Inside," writes a description from TripAdvisor, you "will have the basics for survival during the three-day period, while they experiment and test what human life would be like on Mars. Specially-designed astronaut suits, technical clothing, laboratories for the growth of plants under impossible conditions, life capsules, lyophilized food, and a long list of tools which will make life in the cave much easier for our Astrolanders.

(Image: Courtesy of Astroland Agency)

"We are proposing a demanding test full of rewards of incalculable value. Live on Mars and overcome every day tests that our experts have designed for you from the absolute scientific rigor, Astroland's website reads. "You will see how by yourself, or with the help of others, we evolve and transform ourselves by offering our best version in unexpected and unexpected situations."

"We invite you to join us on this adventure which will allow us to test everything the human race will need in 2035, right now in 2019".

(Image: Courtesy of Astroland Agency)

You can check out more about Astroland at their website.

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