Go Inside Drake’s $150M Mansion, Complete With Musical Toilets And 10-Car Garage

06 April 2020
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It’s no surprise that the rapper’s multi-million dollar Toronto mansion has earned the nickname “The Embassy”.

With COVID-19 lockdown restrictions forcing us all indoors, the barrier that used to exist between celebrities and their fans has been dismantled. Where celebrities could pose for elaborate photoshoots or music videos and still maintain a private life seems harder to achieve these days, as most of their content is now being filmed inside their own homes. And while it’s one thing to watch the atrocity that was a line-up of Hollywood stars singing words from “Imagine”, it’s another to get a glimpse inside the home of Drake – a man known for going to great lengths in the name of interior décor and style.

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Having released a new single “Toosie Slide”, a song that you just know will instantly become a TikTok smash hit thanks to its simplified lyrics that relate to how to recreate the dance move, the visuals that accompanied the release were just as captivating. As Drake performs the song, the camera follows him in what can only be described as the kind of mansion you’d expect to see in a James Bond film – only this time it’s a younger, cooler, more laid-back James Bond, one who has replaced bookshelves of leather bound manuscripts with cars, merch and musical toilets.

It’s since been revealed that Drake was in fact dancing in his own home – his Toronto-based mansion that’s nicknamed “The Embassy”. Fans found themselves lusting over the lavish interior complete with white and black marble and plush grey furnishing.

Drake first purchased the mansion in 2018, spending $6.7 million USD for the plot of land located in North-East Toronto’s exclusive Bridle Path area, otherwise known as “Millionaire’s Row”. Since then, he’s renovated, redecorated and designed the space to become the 35,000 square-foot palace it is today. Surrounded by a 4.4-metre fence for optimum privacy and security, Drake recruited luxury home designer and builder Ferris Rafauli to elevate his crib to a whole new level.

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Just as you would expect of Drake, a self-proclaimed basketball fanatic, he’s spared no expense when it comes to outfitting his mansion with the latest details. There’s an NBA-sized basketball court, something that will surely be getting a lot of use during self-isolation. As well as this, there’s a bathroom that plays soft music when you enter, roaring fireplaces, huge chandeliers, gold ornaments, marble floors and a monochrome décor of grey, black and white.

You wouldn’t expect anything less of Drake, a man who has become a style icon in his own right. And while our own self-isolation might not look anything like the music star’s, at least we can delight in seeing the inside of his once-private mansion.

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