Here's What You Need To Know About The Eternals - Angelina Jolie's Marvel Debut

By Brad Nash
02 April 2019
Credit: Marvel

Jolie is in talks with Disney to join team that will put The Guardians of the Galaxy to shame

Given that Angelina Jolie has firmly wiggled her way into Disney's radar through roles in movies like Maleficant, it was perhaps only a matter of time until one of the all-time greatest actresses eventually found her way into a superhero role. Or maybe she was one of the few immortals, who are just too big for that kind of thing.

Either way, news filtering out from Hollywood indicates that Jolie may be set to pull on a Lycra suit for the first time since Tomb Raider, and needless to say, we weren't ready for such news.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jolie is in talks with Disney to step into a new project based around the Eternals, a project being directed by Chloé Zhao, who brought critically acclaimed western drama The Rider to life. The Eternals project also made headlines last month after news filtered out that Marvel was seeking an openly gay actor to play the lead male role in the film.

But who are The Eternals, what character is Jolie most likely to play, and how do they fit into Marvel's plans to build an all-encompassing movie universe? Here's the breakdown.

The Origin Story

Straight off the bat, the Eternals strike us as something like a megapowered-version of the Guardians of the Galaxy — if they all had the near-immortal celestial space-magic powers of someone like Thanos. Which brings us on to our next point: the deviants.

The Eternals were created as near-perfect beings by makers known as The Celestials, who in the Marvel Universe also created humanity, and are actually an evolutionary offshoot of this process. They're crazy powerful, but liable to something known as deviant syndrome, where a genetic deformity leads to disfigurements, odd superhuman powers and monstrous tendencies.

Thanos is actually a Deviant himself, and is engaged in war against The Eternals for a good amount of his story in the comic books. The Eternals' story is also closely linked to that of the Greek Gods, who in Marvel Canon are Celestials, and play a role in their development and conception.

The Powers

As near-perfect humanoid beings, The Eternals are basically boundless, limitless beings. They're immune to just about any physical or mental illness, can't be harmed by any conventional weapons, and possess the power of flight, time travel and superhuman strength and speed, made possible by an unbreakable mental hold over their physiological processes. Because of this, they're effectively immortal too.

Hardly seems fair, really.

Where They Fit In To The Story

There's basically no word as to whether or not the Eternals will intermingle with the other characters in the MCU initially, and details about the movie are naturally being kept pretty strictly under wraps.

Sources have told THR that one aspect to the story involves the love story between Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who relishes moving amongst humans, but whether or not Jolie will play Sersi remains to be seen.

In terms of actual Marvel Canon, The Eternals, despite being created in the mid '70s, didn't actually get incorporated into the Marvel Universe until the 1980s. After this, they fought both on earth and in space alongside many different iterations of the Avengers, including Thor.

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