Hollywood Hot Commodity Taika Waititi Will Direct An Upcoming Star Wars Film

11 May 2020
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In the ultimate “May The Fourth” reveal, Walt Disney studio revealed the legendary director will take on a new Star Wars movie

Star Wars fans were out in full force yesterday in celebration of “May the Fourth”, otherwise known as Star Wars day because, well, for obvious reasons. And while isolation may have meant you missed the show of solidarity in the form of lightsabre duels, rebel force attire, or Kylo Ren-fashioned headpieces, to peruse the Twitter and Reddit threads is to see that fans were not only celebrating their favourite franchise, but also had cause for celebration. Yep, legendary actor/writer/director and Oscar-winner Taika Waititi has been tapped by Disney to co-write and direct a Star Wars movie.

According to the reports, Waititi will co-write the movie which has been announced as a standalone film which will likely have no connection to the Skywalker Saga. Waititi will co-write the film alongside Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who has just come off an incredibly successful run after co-writing 1917 with Sam Mendes.

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Unfortunately, there are no juicy details or revelations about the upcoming film that we can latch on to, but fans are eagerly awaiting Waititi’s genius and the final product. The director finds success with every project he lends his astute eye and creativity too, and already his contribution to the Star Wars franchise is well regarded. Fans were quick to note that Waititi’s contribution to season one of The Mandalorian stood out for all the right reasons, with many citing it as the best episode in the season. Waititi even voiced the killer-turned-nanny droid IG-11 and directed the final episode.

Regardless of what Waititi has up his sleeve for Star Wars fans, it’s clear they have great trust in him. And why shouldn’t they? In recent years, Waititi has become a hot commodity in Hollywood. His work with Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok was heralded as breathing new life into the rather stale superhero franchise, with writing that was witty, clever and offered Hemsworth a chance to not only flex his muscles, but his range of emotion as an actor too. It’s why the director now finds himself reunited with Hemsworth for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

And of course, there is the Oscar. Waititi stunned audiences with JoJo Rabbit, an incredible tale that told the story of a family living under Nazi occupation, as the young boy navigates Nazi Germany and his place in a Hitler Youth Camp as he befriends a young Jewish girl. The Nazi satire even saw Waititi play the boy’s imaginary friend Hitler, and while films of this period continue to show the brutality of the time, Waititi brought humour into the mix so that the emotional scenes and terror of the period hit you that much more acutely.

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Our guess is that Waititi is on a hot-streak with no signs of slowing down. When you have a mind this creative and a personality this quirky, it seems like you’re preordained for cinematic arts. No wonder Star Wars fans are cheering.

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