How Daniel Radcliffe Found His Cool Through A String Of Kooky Film Choices

17 January 2020
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From getting his knob out on stage to Guns Akimbo, Harry Potter himself has done the best job of leaving his wizarding legacy in the past

Despite being Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, over the past 10 years or so, seems to have pulled off the impossible by disassociating himself from the franchise that made his name better than any of his co-stars. Look at Emma Watson, and it's still not hard to see Hermione Granger. Look at Rupert Grint and you'll definitely see Ron Weasley.

But Daniel Radcliffe seems past that point, and when you take into account his public battles with alcoholism and struggles to deal with the fame of playing the wizard, it's clear that it's been a struggle for him to get to that point. But while to some he might evoke images of wants and lightning scars, his penchant for throwing himself into the art of acting, taking on kooky roles and spending much of his time in the theatre, has awarded him a much-deserved identity all of his own.

Through much strife and the not-so-subtle art of saying to one's self "f#&k it, i'm going to do what I want," Daniel Radcliffe has become Daniel Radcliffe, and Daniel Radcliffe is timelessly cool. And Radcliffe now has one of the most unique CVs in Hollywood to show for it.

Here's a small history of some of the roles that defined his post-Potter career.


The role that made Radcliffe more headlines than any other came when he was just 17, yet it was a clear statement of intent from the young actor. After all, what could be bolder than stepping out on stage naked, pretending to be pathologically obsessed with horses?

The Woman In Black

The first major role Radcliffe took after the Deathly Hallows caught more than a few people off guard, and came at a time when Radcliffe was reportedly struggling with balancing adulthood and his newfound fame and wealth. It proved a solid start to life after Potter for the actor, if a little forgettable.


Horns marked the first of many films in which we'd see Radcliffe dressed up in some seriously eye-catching uniform, and made clear that Radcliffe was going to be an actor inclined to gravitate towards indie projects.

Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein — Radcliffe's first starring role in a major blockbuster following The Woman In Black — had all the tools to be a hit, including James McAvoy as the eponymous doctor. It wasn't. Terrible reviews doomed the film to box office bomb status, and only in Now You See Me 2 has he acted in a bigger project since.

Swiss Army Man

Following on his dabble in the Paranormal, Swiss Army Man saw Radcliffe go viral once again, this time playing Manny, a literal re-animated corpse.


Imperium marked a serious dramatic shift for Radcliffe, with the young actor taking on the heavy role of an FBI agent investigating a band of white supremacists. He thrived, and summarily quashed any doubts as to his acting chops.

Guns Akimbo

Perhaps Radcliffe's most intriguing role yet, Guns Akimbo will see Radcliffe once ago down the quirky route. This time, he'll be playing a video game developer thrown into a battle royale after stumbling into the wrong part of the Dark Web. Once again, images from production — this time featuring the actor in a robe, bear slippers and bearing guns bolted to his hands — went viral.

Via GQ Australia