Hugh Jackman May Be Playing Enzo Ferrari In A Biopic About The Legendary Supercar Brand

22 June 2020
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Molto bene!

The last decade or so of cinema has produced multiple fantastic deep dives into the worlds of cars and motorcycle culture. We had the fantastic Senna, we had Rush, and only last year, the story of Le Mans' most historic rivalry was told in Ford vs. Ferrari.

However now, perhaps the most legendary car brand of all—one that enjoys almost unrivalled power as a brand symbol in any industry—is set to get its long, proud history told in a definitive movie project, with a Ferrari-based biopic apparently in the works and up for sale having hit the market at the virtual equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival.

For context, and a brief primer on the legendary car marque's story. Ferrari emerged essentially as a road brand after racing team boss Enzo Ferrari sought to fund his motorsport ventures by selling road-going equivalents of his racing cars. The first fully-fledged Ferrari car, the 125S, debuted in 1947, and over the decades the followed, the road-going arm of the brand, which was always dealt with reluctantly by Enzo himself, ballooned to become one of the most iconic car brands in history.

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Enzo himself remained active behind the scenes at Ferrari's Scuderia racing division for over half a century, wielding great power within the brand's iconic Formula 1 team well into the 1980s and after he disappeared from public view.

According to Deadline, the film will apparently focus on a particularly uncertain time in Ferrari's history: the late 50's, with much of the action set to take place around the events of the 1957 Mille Miglia — an infamously brutal 1,000 mile road race that wound through the mountains of Northern Italy. It'll also provide an insight into the fraught marriage of Enzo and his wife Laura, who at the time were struggling with the death of their son, Dino.

With Ferrari's future as an outfit uncertain, Enzo rolled the dice on an attempt to win what would ultimately be the final Mille Miglia ever run, ending in tragedy and glory in equal measure.

Per the report from Deadline, "the film will be framed so that during the highly dangerous race, Laura discovers long kept secrets, we see opportunities rise and fade, and drivers, who are like surrogate sons, are pushed beyond the edge."

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The film is apparently the passion project of would-be director Michael Mann, who served as an executive producer on the aforementioned Ford vs. Ferrari last year. According to Deadline, the movie "has an almost Godfather-type feel to it and is rich in local flavour but also universal truths. Mann, who is familiar with the Ferrari family, will build a fleet of replica race cars from the era."

Initial reports suggest that Australia's own Hugh Jackman may be in line to take on the film's starring role, his first real blockbuster return to the screen since the release of the well-received Greatest Showman. Here's hoping his Italian accent is up to snuff.

The film is apparently due to start shooting in Spring 2021. We'll be sure to bring you more news on the film as it surfaces.

Via GQ Australia