If Guy Ritchie Made A TV Show, It Would Probably Look Something Like Gangs of London

13 February 2020
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Image: Sky Atlantic

Think Power meets Peaky Blinders

It's easy to look at a show like upcoming crime epic Gangs of London and immediately try to draw comparisons between it and every other British gangster epic ever made, from the films of Guy Ritchie to modern day interpretations of the genre, like Top Boy and Peaky Blinders. But the story, set to air in the UK later this year, aims to forge its own path by telling a story of a truly modern underworld.​

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Set amidst a glossy backdrop of office towers and criminal conspiracies, Gangs of London highlights the change that the western world's criminal enterprises have undergone since the cops and robbers days of the 20th century. It takes place in the modern day, where legitimate business mask corrupt enterprises, and crime figures wield power in boardrooms rather than back alleys. It's an environment that creates massive, powerful organisations, meaning that when it's upended, the consequences are even more seismic.

"When the head of a criminal organisation, Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney) is assassinated, the sudden power vacuum his death creates threatens the fragile peace between the intricate web of gangs operating on the streets of the city," reads a synopsis from Sky UK.

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"Now it’s up to the grieving, volatile and impulsive Sean Wallace to restore control and find those responsible for killing his father." In his first leading role for a show of such a scale, Cole, who most know as John in Peaky Blinders, will play Sean, sans-Birmingham accent.

Of course, the show can't help but indulge in weaving sub-plots around some of the classic British crime tropes, with scenes taking place in council estates, pubs and train yards. It's quickly revealed that, beyond the office blocks, London's criminal underworld is sweeping and thoroughly brutal, with murder, drug trafficking and extortion rampant. The whole thing is covered in the glossy sheen of London's cosmopolitan public persona, giving us distinct vibes of works like PowerSuccession and Layer Cake.

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Plenty of legendary names from Britain's most iconic TV shows and movies are also present. Finn is played by Colm Meaney, who starred in the aforementioned Layer Cake, while Michelle Fairley, also known as Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones, plays the family matriarch.

Keep your eyes peeled to this space for more updates on the show as they surface. In more TV news, Will Disney+ Launch In The Middle East? and the  National Geographic Documentary Reveals The Secrets Behind How Abu Dhabi Was Built.

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