IKEA Have Recreated Three Iconic TV Living Rooms In Buyable Form

By Brad Nash
02 June 2019
IKEA, The Simpsons, Stranger Things, Friends
We doubt you've ever actually wanted to call The Simpsons' living room your own, but just in case...

Familiarity breeds so much of what makes certain types of good TV great, and countless shows have done this through setting above all else. We had the Korean camp in M*A*S*H create some of the most iconic comedy moments of old-school TV, and we saw the unspectacular home of the White family become a place of silent, tense chaos in Breaking Bad.

It's a device that's been used to spin all manner of magic on the screen, and perhaps no one setting has been more effective at this than the humble living room. Now, IKEA have paid tribute to this by offering you the chance to turn three of the most iconic in recent TV Memory — that from The Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends — into real life rooms by shopping their collection.


The living rooms from these shows served different purposes in making great TV. In the case of Friends and The Simpsons, they created a sense of warmth and familiarity that allowed comedic gold to happen through what would otherwise be mundane conversations. In Stranger Things, rather, the humble space of the Byers' living room was transformed into a place where all manner of weird and paranormal events could take place.

The designs give everyone a way to quite literally recreate the furniture found in each of these iconic living spaces pretty realistically. Of course, why anyone would ever want to live in a perfect recreation of Homer and Marge's living room is beyond us, but it's a fun project from the Swedish furniture giant anyway, and paints a pretty vivid picture of how interior design from these shows still influences the choices we make in fitting out our houses today.


The move from IKEA continues a pretty strong push by the Swedish company to increase their pop culture clout. The brand recently collaborated with Virgil Abloh on a much-hyped collection, and have also previously worked with both NASA and Adidas.

Each of the fitouts will set you back somewhere in the vicinity of $2000-3000, but IKEA have also highlighted the individual pieces in each collection, should you want to add a little splash of pop culture-inspired design to your own living room.


Via GQ Australia