In Celebration Of Her Album My Life Turning 25, A Mary J. Blige Documentary Is Coming To Amazon

05 December 2019
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Tackling the singer’s struggles with poverty, abuse, addiction and heartbreak

As the decade draws to a close, the time has come to look back with nostalgia on everything that has shaped the world to be as it is today, in 2019. While you’d think this time of reflection would see us draw inwards, examining our purpose in life and the pursuits we wish to apply ourselves to in the New Year, instead it’s rather pop culture-focused. And when music, fashion and style tend to dominate every facet of our lives, why wouldn’t this be the case? But as questions like “best song of the decade” or “best album” plague our consciousness, it’s worth noting the musicians that made an impact. And for many, none are quite as significant as Mary J. Blige.

It’s hard to believe that Blige’s sophomore album My Life came out 25 years ago. At the time, the Bronx and Yonkers native was not so universally known as she is today, but with the album’s release this changed instantly, propelling Blige into a stratosphere of success that was unimaginable for someone who grew up in poverty.

In celebration of My Life approaching its 25-year-anniversary, it has now been announced that Amazon will present a documentary about the two-time Oscar nominee and nine-time Grammy winner Mary J. Blige. The film will follow the singer’s life, examining her rapid rise to fame as well as the struggles she endured along the way, ranging from poverty, abuse, addiction and heartbreak.

In an interview with Deadline, Matt Newman, co-head of movies at Amazon Studios, said: “We all know Mary J. Blige as the two-time Oscar nominee, Grammy Award winning, multi-hyphenate who has sold over 80 million records. But through this documentary, audiences will see a raw and honest side of Mary J. Blige opening up about her personal journey of redemption and healing. We are thrilled to share with our worldwide Prime Video customers this exclusive, never-before-seen, inside look into the global legend, Mary J. Blige.”

Adding to Newman’s comments, Tara Long, eOne’s President of Global Unscripted, Television, added: “I have long admired Mary as an artist, an icon, and a strong, fearless woman. The story of her life has inspired us enormously and we are thrilled to be making this project with her and her team, Ashuanna and Nicole.”

She added, “Mary’s album My Life is both iconic and tremendously impactful, we hope that by brining it to screens we can continue to inspire audiences around the world as her music has done for decades.”

The documentary will be directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth and executive produced by both Blige and Sean Combs (Diddy). It coincides with the release of Blige’s new box set, HERstory Vol. 1 which collects some of her most popular songs.

Via GQ Australia