In Pictures: Conor McGregor Makes A Triumphant Return To The Cage In UFC 246

19 January 2020
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McGregor beats Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds and here’s how it looked

Conor McGregor did what all great champions should this Sunday morning: overcame adversity to emerge triumphant. And boy did he do it emphatically.

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Beating his opponent Donald Cowboy Cerrone just 40 seconds into the first round of their UFC 246 bout, Mystic Mac looked like the McGregor of old: a ruthless fighter, striker and finisher.

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Beginning with a huge overhand left that Cerrone slipped, the pair ended up in a clinch. McGregor used that opportunity to launch a series of relentless shoulder strikes to Cerrone’s nose, the first of which broke it.

Think about that for a second: McGregor can shrug his shoulders so hard they’ll break a man’s nose. Imagine the amount of shopping bags he must be able to carry. Eight to 10 in each hand we’d say. Heavy items, too: milk, soup tins, washing powder, the lot.

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Dazed and on the defensive, Cerrone fell back on his superior kicking, sending one up aimed at the Irishman’s head. McGregor returned in kind and cracked his man flush on the side of the head. Down went Cowboy, followed swiftly by McGregor’s hammer of a left hand and the fight was over almost before it began.

Entering the T Mobile Arena in an immaculate maroon suit and shades, McGregor looked every part the fight mogul. Once he was in the Octagon, business had gone out of the window and he looked ready for war.

Almost immediately ecstatic in victory, McGregor strode off around the ring before dropping to his knees with relief at his comeback. He was gracious too, running to embrace Cerrone, a mark of the respect he has for his opponent that was clearly lacking when he fought and lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the same arena in October 2018.

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And then we were treated to a dose of the old McGregor, the best trash talker in the game. Grabbing the mic from Joe Rogan he said “Any one of these mouthy fools can get it!” before gesturing towards Jorge Masvidal, wearing nothing but a Versace robe and said “Look at that fool in his bleedin’ housecoat.”

Once the fight game dries up, McGregor could have a stellar stand-up career. In the meantime though, expect to see McGregor-Masvidal on a fight card soon.

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s all out tonight! #UFC246

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Competing for the BMF belt (Google it) this will be a huge fight. We cannot wait. And after the success of the recent UFC 242 in Saudi Arabia (rain aside) who knows, perhaps the tear-up will happen in the Middle East.