It’s Official: Kanye West Is Now A Billionaire

29 April 2020
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Even COVID-19 can’t slow the escalation of Kanye’s net worth, which is now an estimated $1.3 Billion

As if Kanye West needed another accolade to add to his impressive resume, he can now add a Forbes approved billionaire status.

For most of us, Kanye’s staggering wealth was already known. With his illustrious music career, sprawling properties around the States, forays into fashion, not to mention an eye for creativity and design, it seems Kanye’s wealth is ever-apparent, something the rapper doesn’t attempt to hide but rather flaunts at will. And as if you needed any more proof of his wealth, well, Kanye is all-too-willing to let you know.

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Hilariously, news of Kanye’s incredible wealth came from none other than Kanye West himself. Forbes regularly publishes its “Richest People” list, and sitting atop the list has long been a coveted position for Kanye, who took to divulging his own personal finances with the magazine after being left off the list. Thanks to this rare, yet insightful, glimpse into Kanye’s finances, the value of his net worth can now be estimated at a staggering $1.3 billion USD.

One of the biggest assets in Kanye’s net worth is his stake in the Yeezy trainer line, described by Forbes as “one of the greatest retail stories of the century,” with a worth of $1.26 billion USD. Rounding out his impressive total are $17 million in cash, $35 million in stock, $81 million in property and $21 million in land, with properties in Los Angeles and Wyoming.

It’s not hard to believe that Kanye is a billionaire. In fact, with one of the most successful and renowned music careers – one that’s made him a household name – it seems more people are likely to respond with the confusion of why it’s taken so long to see Kanye’s name listed amongst the top billionaires of the world.

But despite having the rights to his back catalogue of music, Forbes also suggests that Kanye has debt of about $100 million, leading to his $1.3 billion net worth valuation. An estimate which, it should be said, hasn’t been verified from independent sources regarding the figures.

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Unhappy with the estimate, Kanye believes he was undervalued by the magazine. According to The Guardian, West sent a text to the magazine which read: “It’s not a billion. It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.”

Via GQ Australia