It’s Official: The Obamas Are Likely Oscar Contenders Thanks To Their Netflix Documentary

04 September 2019
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American Factory has already won the Directing Award for US Documentary at Sundance, but now the documentary is generating serious Awards season buzz

It's fair to say that, since stepping away from the podium, Barack Obama has in no way slunk away into the shadows, but rather continues to use his platform to promote various initiatives and shed light on world issues.

Such was the case with American Factory, a documentary that saw both Barack and Michelle Obama flex their newly-minted film producer chops. Directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, the documentary provides an incredible insight into the culture clash between American and Chinese workers.

Having debuted to rapturous applause at Sundance and winning the Directing Award for US Documentary, American Factory is already generating a considerable amount of Oscar 2020 buzz, too.

As IndieWire reported after its Sundance screening, the film “extends beyond Trumpian rhetoric about the perils of the working class to examine the real tensions of international businesses in human terms.”

The film not only documents the difference in culture that manifests in the workplace as Chinese and American workers figure out how to interact and engage with each other effectively and efficiently, but it also allows its directors to explore the struggles of American radicalism and the country’s prevailing capitalist infrastructure.

The documentary debuted on Netflix on August 21 and instantly upon airing it seemed to garner incredible reviews from viewers and critics alike. For the latter, the film was hailed as an “eye-opening” glimpse at the culture clash between Chinese and American workers, as well as a “stirring, timely, beautifully shaped” study of the challenges facing all of us as we grapple with an ever-changing 21st century global economy.

As for Oscar buzz, it looks like Barack and Michelle Obama might just be frontrunners to be nominated for the Academy Award for best documentary.

According to reports from IndieWire, the documentary already has a considerable lead over other titles in its category, and currently sits alongside other notable documentaries including: Apollo 11, Diego Maradona, The Edge of Democracy and Maiden.

We’re still quite a long way out from the Oscars, which will only air during the first week of February in 2020. But if the reviews are anything to go by, Barack and Michelle Obama can consider themselves on the front-row guest-list already.

Via GQ Australia