Jonah Hill Has Directed A IGTV Miniseries On Bullying

22 September 2019
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Titled Un-filtered, the four-part series was created by Hill to inspire “young people to share their stories and feelings and not feel so alone”

Jonah Hill made his directorial debut with Mid90s, a coming-of-age film that explores skateboarding, but without the directionless approach most skateboarding movies of the past entail. Hill’s film brought with it a remarkable sensitivity, and details that transition from youth to adulthood and the intense friendships that emerge during that time.

Now, the actor is back with a new series titled Un-filtered. Released on IGTV, the four-part series features Hill interviewing 13 to 25-year-olds about their experiences with bullying. In some instances, Hill even interviews those who identify as the bully.

In an interview with Variety, the actor said about the series, “I tried to create an environment for young people to be heard and listened to. I wish there was a platform to hear other’s struggles and experiences when I was growing up. I hope that this will be inspiring for young people to share their stories and feelings and not feel so alone.”

The series’ name takes its inspiration from the famous photo filters that let the influencers of Instagram alter their photos, presenting images that conform to the beauty ideals that continue to be purported by the media. While Hill boasts a following of 1.6 million on the platform, it seems clear that Instagram are hoping that his famous face will bolster their anti-bullying efforts.

The new docuseries has an incredibly important message and comes at a time where Instagram has gone to greater lengths to amplify its anti-bullying message. The social media platform has recently trialled an experiment whereby like counts are hidden, with the aim that in doing so, users will be less fixated on associating likes with self-worth and popularity, and focus more on their personal message and connecting with others through the platform.

As well as this, Instagram has tested two new features that include a “comment warning” where users will be alerted if they’re typing something that seems offensive, and a “restrict” option that allows users to review comments before they’re published.

Janine Gianfredi, Instagram’s director of consumer marketing, said in a statement, “We’re really proud of Un-filtered, our newest IGTV series, directed by Jonah Hill, that features real teens sharing the experiences and challenges they face every day.”

Gianfredi went on to add, “At Instagram, we’re committed to elevating the voices of the next generation and that means providing a safe place where they feel comfortable to express themselves.”

As Variety reports, Un-filtered will explore a range of subjects, including online and cyber bullying, dealing with jokes that go too far, and how young women battle with body-image issues. The series involved no scripts, and was shot in a vertical orientation for mobile viewing.

You can watch all the episodes on IGTV now.

Via GQ Australia