Jordan Peele's '90s Horror Remake Has Begun Production

15 August 2019
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Image: TriStar

Bringing the cult-classic story of Candyman back to life

While it's well-known by now that Jordan Peele has an eye for high-quality horror projects, it's always going to generate significant buzz when he turns his eye to a scary flick. Naturally, his latest project is no exception.

Peele has commenced work on a remake of Candyman, one of the most underrated horror films of the '90s and a film that used a truly unique plot to help subvert the trend of teen slasher flicks that were so popular at the time.

If initial reports from Hollywood were to be believed, it seemed as if Peele is going to be turning to a familiar face to lead the next instalment in his so-far acclaimed horror anthology, with Lakeith Stanfield reportedly in line to play the film's protagonist. however that may no longer be the case.

Collider now reports that the cast will be led by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Us), Teyonah Parris (If Beale Street Could Talk), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits) and Colman Domingo (Euphoria) alongside a cast of local Chicago talent." Perhaps most importantly though, Tony Todd, who played the titular villain in the original Candyman, will reprise his role.

For those unfamiliar with the cult classic horror film, Candyman is essentially an adaptation of horror novel The Forbidden, which tells the story of a young researcher investigating the legend of the 'Candyman': the spirit of a slave murdered in the 19th century. Perhaps most famously, the introduced the now well-known horror trope of saying a feared name five times in front of a mirror.

While the initial novel used the English port city of Liverpool as the backdrop, Candyman director Bernard Rose instead shifted the setting to a lower-class housing project in Chicago, bringing in thematic elements of class and race that weren't at all common in horror movies at the time.

Naturally, as anyone who's seen Get Out will tell you, this kind of story and casting fits into Peele's wheelhouse perfectly. Peele himself has even said the 1992 movie, which starred Tony Todd in the titular role, was “a landmark film for black representation in the horror genre."

However the film won't not have Peele's signature directorial touch — the Academy Award-winning screenwriter has penned the project and will serve as a producer, but won't man the director's chair in this case.

The film will come to life as part of a joint venture between MGM and Universal, the former of whom are also planning a high-tech remake of Child's Play. Horror reboots are having a moment across Hollywood right now, with remakes of The Invisible Man and The Grudge also soon to hit screens.

The Candyman remake has now begun production, according to Collider, and will likely hit screens in June 2020.

Via GQ Australia