Julia Roberts And Denzel Washington Will Reunite On Netflix Thriller

25 July 2020
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Image: Warner Bros.
Based on Rumaan Alam’s upcoming novel, the thriller will tackle issues of class and race

While Hollywood isn’t short of a heartthrob of screen icon these days, a few decades ago there were just two actors who commanded not only the big pay cheques, but also big audiences to any movie they put their name to: Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts. The pair were the biggest stars of their time and so, when they teamed up together on John Grisham’s 1993 thriller, The Pelican Brief, critics were quick to sing their praises. But despite all their on-screen chemistry and friendship off-screen, it’s been almost 30 years since we’ve seen them team up once again. Thankfully, that’s about to change as the pair are set to star in anew movie from Netflix which will be directed by Mr Robot’s Sam Esmail.

The film, titled Leave The World Behind, is a feature adaptation of an upcoming novel by Rumaan Alam. Set to be published by Harper Collins publishing imprint, Ecco, the story has something of a timely premise. It follows Amanda and Clay who attempt to go on vacation with their teenage children, but see their trip interrupted by the arrival of a middle aged couple who own the holiday home and who have fled an unprecedented blackout in the city.

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When the internet, television and radio all stop working, along with the landline, Clay and Amanda have no way of finding out what is happening. As Deadline reports, “As strange sonic booms shatter the peace of the countryside, and animals start to migrate in strange ways, the physical and mental health of the families begins to disintegrate. The renters are upscale and White; the owners are upscale and Black. The issues of race and class become distractions to the more alarming things that are happening all around them.”

Roberts is set to star as the mother of the family that rents the house, with Washington playing the homeowner. Aside from just seeing Washington and Roberts reunite, the film will also see Roberts reunite with director Esmail, who worked closely with the actor on the first season of the Amazon drama Homecoming.

It seems Netflix is on the quest to bag itself an Oscar-worthy flick. Just recently, it was announced that Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling would share the screen in what will be the most expensive production to ever hit the streaming service, with a budget of $200 million. But knowing Gosling’s reputation as a discerning actor who only puts his name to some of cinema’s best works, it might just pay off for Netflix. Still, not content on having one blockbuster on their hands, they entered yet another bidding war and managed to secure the Washington and Roberts-led package. As Deadline reports, it came down to Netflix, Apple and MGM, but Netflix ultimately won in the end.

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