Jurassic World 3 Is Apparently Getting The OG Jurassic Park Cast Back Together

26 September 2019
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Throwbacks always find a way

While the original Jurassic Park has long endeared itself with its hasn't-aged-a-day special effects and fairly faithful telling of Michael Crichton's action story, the true charm of the film came in the subtle performances of its lead characters. Sam Neill was fantastic as the cynical Palaeontologist Alan Grant, Laura Dern's performance was one of the great all-time examples of female badassery in film, while Jeff Goldblum's turn as Ian Malcolm was, to many, his most iconic role.

The three combined, anchored by the late Richard Attenborough, gave the film an incredible chemistry that anchored the film in the midst of the hugely advanced scientific stories it was telling — breaking down themes of human advancement and the struggle against nature in a truly poignant way.

But it's safe to say that the charm of the franchise didn't last forever. Despite the best efforts of Goldblum in The Lost World and Neill in Jurassic Park III, the story of the Dinosaur theme park spiralled slowly out of control to the point where it eventually faded into obscurity. While Jurassic Park is still essential viewing, the film's to come after it have only really served to tarnish its glowing reputation.

The franchise's Chris Pratt-led in Jurassic World led proved entertaining enough, however it became clear after its sequel last year that, once again, the series was sort of running out of steam. Largely bereft of a poignant story and choosing to lean on CGI-saturated action rather than finding a unique way of dealing with the themes established by its predecessors, Fallen Kingdom was touted as one of the weaker films in the franchise's line-up.

Which is why, according to reports at least, the producers behind the third Jurassic World film are apparently enlisting the services of Jurassic Park's cast to bring things back to the glory days of 1993. According to Collider, who hosted a Jurassic World screening with director and writer Colin Trevorrow, Treverrow himself confirmed that the trio of Neill, Goldblum and Dern will all return to reprise their roles in the third film.

Apparently Treverrow himself will once again direct and co-write the script, which artistically at least may not bode well if it follows the same formula as the other two Jurassic World films. Then again, they've made billions at the box office between them, so he can probably just about do what he wants.

For now, we'll be watching Jurassic Park to prepare ourselves. The film is apparently set to hit cinemas in June next year.

Via GQ Australia