Just Three Months Out From Release, There’s Been A Huge Change To The Bond 25 Film

09 January 2020
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Image: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Hans Zimmer has been roped in to score No Time To Die and will hopefully produce a soundtrack befitting Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007

Most film sequels tend to suffer from growing disinterest and a lack of plot structure. Remarkably however, despite now being the 25th instalment in the Bond franchise, the hype around James Bond only continues to escalate. Whether it’s the demanding stunt scenes, high-speed chases in vehicles that wouldn’t look out of place in Jerry Seinfeld’s garage, or the watches that only get more elaborate with each mission Bond undertakes, the franchise seems to have found the formula for success and are making considerable profit in the process.

And yes, while Daniel Craig certainly is worthy of our attention, there is another crucial part of the Bond film that is key to its success: the soundtrack. From the theme song that has generated those gifted the high-stakes responsibility of recording it a number of Oscars, the film score is something audiences may not discuss as heatedly in their post-film review but is nevertheless a central component of Bond (and any film, for that matter). Perhaps sensing the gravity of No Time To Die, what with it being Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, producers have brought in the master of composition: Hans Zimmer.

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It will be one of the most challenging experiences for Zimmer, who has been drafted in as a last-minute replacement to score the film just three months out from its release. The news comes from Variety, reporting that Zimmer will replace Dan Romer who departed the film due to creative differences with the film’s production company, Eon Productions. Romer, who had scored previous projects by Bond director Cary Fukunaga such as Beasts of No Nation, has made no comment to the media at this time about his dismissal from the project.

Zimmer will have to have completed the score by mid-February in order to meet the film’s tight deadline. As Variety suggests, the highly collaborative composer will likely enlist the help of frequent collaborators like Benjamin Wallfisch, with whom he scored Blade Runner 2049 with, or Lorne Balfe, who recently solo composed Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

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But if anyone can step up to the challenge it’s 11-time Oscar nominee Zimmer, who also won in 1994 for The Lion King. With a number of action film scores under his belt – Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes, and Mission: Impossible 2 – it’s our bet that he produces something spectacular.

Via GQ Australia