Kid YouTubers Will Give You Career Envy

08 August 2019
YouTubers, Boram, JoJo Siwa
Image: YouTube/ Boram Tube ToyReviews
The loaded YouTuber kids with overflowing bank accounts will have you crying in existential angst

Gaming and comedy used to be the most seemingly lucrative kind of videos on YouTube, but now there’s Beauty, DIY, docu-series, and ASMR that’s topping most viewed videos, telling us that the only thing consistent about YouTube is that it’s constantly changing. 

The algorithm, rules, and trends all evolve consistently, yet, one trend that seems to be standing tall is that of wildly successful kid YouTubers. Kids as young as seven years of age are earning millions as a result of their likeable content and clever branding.

South Korean social media influencer Boram recently bought an ostentatious, five-storey property in the South Korean district of Seoul's Gangnam suburb estimating at AED 29.5 million.

But this isn’t the first (or probably, last) instance of news evidencing whopping incomes of these young stars. Here are four kids on YouTube who have become household names, especially in homes with kids.


This South Korean YouTuber urged us to write this piece in the first place. The only one on this list who doesn’t film videos in English, Boram’s videos include vlogs and toy reviews, and has a unique editing style featuring whimsical CGIs. Boram’s channel has over 13 million subscribers.


One of the best-known kid YouTubers in online gaming, Ethan’s channel has over 2.5 Million subscribers and has crossed over 1.2 Billion views. The British YouTuber’s content includes Q/As and challenges, along with gaming content.

Ryan ToysReview

Last holiday season, Ryan Kaji, better known by his channel name Ryan ToysReview, made headlines for making close to $21 million through YouTube alone. Based in California, he started reviewing toys online at age 3, and is now on the fast track to becoming one of the most subscribed channels on the platform, with 21 million subscribers as of this month.

JoJo Siwa

Do you even exist on social media if you haven’t heard of JoJo? The American dancer and social media mogul (some might even say, Kardashian in the making?) is signed by Nickelodean and has 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. At just 16 years old, she’s not only made a name for herself on social media, but also has plenty of merchandise across stores like Claire’s and J. C. Penney.