Kim Kardashian Explains The Reason Why Kanye West Created Sunday Service

16 September 2019
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Ye's Sunday Service events have become so popular that Hollywood’s biggest stars are scrambling for an invite

In January, the image of the Sunday Service was transformed forever. While communities and church groups across the world will always have a varied idea of what the service looks and feels like to them, for those who’ve scored an invite to Kanye West’s Sunday Service, the experience is one that can’t be replicated. For starers, there’s the gathering of Hollywood A-listers – something that probably isn’t a local occurrence at various churches, depending on your locale. There’s also the dancing, the tunes, and the devices live-streaming and capturing it all.

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When Kim Kardashian tweeted in January that “Our new Sunday Service is starting. Check out the rehearsals on my Instagram stories,” fans were incredulous. But as snippets of the service spread on social media, the Kanye West-led initiative has taken off and holds something of a cult-like obsession, especially where celebrities are involved, as they continue to arrive in droves merely to praise and bow at the feet of the man who started it all.

But in a recent interview with The View, Kim Kardashian explained the origins of the Sunday Service. “Kanye started this, I think, just to heal himself,” Kardashian explained. “It was a really personal thing, and it was just friends and family. He has had an amazing evolution of being born again .”“For the most part, it’s just a musical ministry,” said Kardashian. “[West] doesn’t have his 501 [registered non-profit exempt from federal tax] yet to make it an official. It started off healing for him and it’s become something that he really wants to share for everybody else.”

From videos that have emerged from the services, Kanye and his friends sign to gospel versions of his popular songs, as well as covers of actual gospel songs. The popularity of the events is only increasing, and given that it’s invite-only, it’s become the hot ticket for Sunday entertainment. Sadly, we don’t think we’ll be getting a foot in the door anytime soon.

Via GQ Australia