Let The Countdown Begin: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Arrives October 30 On Disney Plus

07 September 2020
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Image: Disney Plus
The second season of the Mandalorian is set to hit the streaming service next month

As far as the Star Wars franchise goes, so loyal are fans to the Galaxy Far, Far Away that they’d likely never voice their discontent with a film or series regardless of whether it lived up to expectation or not. But such is the case when you have a franchise that has spanned some of the most iconic films in pop culture history, given us characters that are household favourites even decades from their first on-screen appearance, and lines like “Luke, I am your father” that identify the film even for those who are yet to see it: expectation is at an all-time high.

To say that The Mandalorian exceeded all expectation then, is no understatement. The series was an ambitious project, but one that ultimately proved something directors and executives of the series had been rather sceptical about: that fans are keen for expansion. That’s right, fans want experimentation, new insights into the Star Wars universe and don’t want to have to wait four years for a big cinematic blockbuster. Not surprisingly, The Mandalorian was nominated for 15 Emmy Awards, including outstanding drama series.

Now, in a year that has brought little good news, fans can delight in the announcement that the second season of the beloved series will hit Disney+ on October. The news was confirmed by Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company.

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Fans have been quick to speculate about what season two might entail, and responses seem to suggest that audiences are in for a different ride compared to the first season. The premise of the series is set to take place after the fall of the Empire, but before the rise of the First Order, and follows around a bounty hunter seeking to eke out a living with his blasters and wits in a near-lawless frontier. Produced by Iron Man’s Jon Favreau and Clone Wars’ Dave Filoni, many have suggested that the new season has the feel of a western, with Pascal’s character owing itself to Clint Eastwood’s man with no name from the westerns of the 1960s.

And as for the cast, as Games Radar reports, “Clone Wars stalwart (and all-round badass) Ahsoka Tano will make her live-action debut, played by Rosario Dawson. Timothy Olyphant has also signed on to appear, while Boba Fett – or at least, his armour – is scheduled to return for the first (Disney-canon) time since Return of The Jedi.”

The series will be available to watch exclusively on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Via GQ Australia