Lionsgate Are Giving Fans “The Continental Experience” Ahead Of John Wick 3

21 April 2019
Keanu Reeves, John Wick, The Matrix
Credit: Lionsgate
NYC’s One Hanson Place will transform into The Continental Hotel, taking inspiration from the film with immersive experiences.

Following The Matrix, many of us went into a Keanu Reeves-induced state of withdrawal. While his venture into rom-coms may have allowed us to sight the notably private actor on the big screen, it did little to satisfy our thirst for Reeves-driven action. If The Matrix proved anything, it was that Reeves is the GOAT of action films, having performed some of the most iconic action sequences in film history and displaying a dedication to the craft of action stunts that few actors could rival.

For a while there, it looked like the only solace we would find would be in constantly watching re-runs of The Matrix trilogy. But then 2014 came around and John Wick happened. And it changed everything.

The film was an instant hit, telling the story of how Wick was dragged out of retirement after a man stole his car and, more importantly, killed his dog. Not surprisingly, sequels ensued and in its third chapter, John Wick now finds himself on the run for two reasons: he’s being hunted for a global $14 million dollar open contract on his life and two, he broke a central rule by taking a life on Continental Hotel grounds.With John Wick – Chapter 3: Parabellum fast approaching, fans are getting even more excited for Reeves’ return as the action superstar.

Promising to be bigger, faster, and more explosive than any of its predecessors, the third instalment has also seen Lionsgate double-down on its promotional efforts. For two days in May, Lionsgate will transform New York City’s One Hanson Place into the interior of The Continental Hotel for “The Continental Experience.”

The experience will provide an immersive activation of the world of John Wick, with the entire building dressed to create the Continental atrium, complete with in-world actors roaming the halls.

On May 9, the space will serve as both the red carpet for the John Wick 3 premiere, as well as the after party location later that evening. The next day, they’ll open the experience to press, influencers and lucky fans, who can would through the one-hour experience for free.


Taking inspiration from all of the John Wick films, the experience will see guests able to check-in at the front desk, look up their file with “operators and even pose for a shareable photo. You can also get fitted for a bulletproof suit jacket by the tailor, mingle with immersive actors conversing as guests of The Continental, and meet VIPs on the red carpet.

While the experience will certainly work to heighten fanfare around the third film, given the reception the other two have received, you could say it’s not required. Hype has already hit staggering heights for John Wick 3, even as early as the only shots available from the film’s shooting were that of Reeves on a horse. But in a recent feature with GQ, director Chad Stahelski revealed that scene almost didn’t make the final cut.

“I thought it was cool. Keanu thought it was cool. I don’t think the studio thought it was cool. […] Nobody wanted the horses. I had to fight for that one. People thought it was too weird,” he said.

The film will only hit theatres a week after the hotel’s opening, on May 17. But unlike The Matrix which left us reeling in its wake, the world of John Wick will continue to expand beyond the last instalment, with a spin-off series and feature-film already in the works.

Via GQ Australia