Look Your Best On A Zoom Call

08 June 2020
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Giving a whole new meaning to face value

Get your fit right

We’re presuming you know not to wear that tattered tee for a Zoom call, so let’s move past that. The key is to go for muted tones. Yes, we’re in a maximalist style moment right now, but tone down the pattern to look sharper on screen.

Don’t overlook your hair

There are lot of home haircuts at the moment and it’s vaguely terrifying. Our advice? If you can pull off a buzzcut then do it – zero maintenance style. If not, well that’s what the hats on these pages are for. Get something that fits your face shape and turn on video.

Moistiurise smart, not hard

Pick the wrong face cream and you either risk looking shiny as heck or, worse, just a bit drab. Try a matte moisturiser to avoid shine, and if really concerned, something tinted to balance your complexion.

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Try the Tom Ford method

It can’t hurt to follow Mr Ford’s rules for Zoom, right? Screen elevated to above head height, with good light on your preferred side. Place a lamp slightly above and behind the computer. The light will fall nicely at an angle on your face, and avoid glare if you’re wearing glasses.
Finally, add a white tablecloth, or just white paper, for “a bit of fill and bounce.”  

And if all else fails?

Just hit the beauty button (settings – video – touch up my appearance) and hope for the best.