Maluma On Fame, Football and Lenny Kravitz

04 March 2020
Coat, turtleneck, shorts, bracelet, rings, shoes, prices on request, Bottega Veneta
Photography: Prod Antzoulis

Coat, turtleneck, shorts, bracelet, rings, shoes, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

GQ’s March cover star had a lot to say, so here's what we couldn't fit into the interview...

Maluma is sitting on a bench. In the last 48 hours or so, he’s flown into Dubai from Colombia, played in front of 17,000 at the Coca-Cola Arena and now spent the day with GQ, being photographed to within an inch of his life. But he’s hanging on in there. So much so, that when it comes to his cover story, there’s not enough room on the page to fit everything in. Which is why we now present it here. Ten completely unconnected quotes. Or The Full Maluma as it shall now be known.

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On the big moments…

“Working with Madonna was one the biggest moments in my life. Never mind as an artist, she’s just an amazing human being. Also, things like playing Madison Square Garden or when I sold out my first US tour… these moments were huge for me.”


Ring, sweater, shorts, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

On nerves…

“I get nervous, but it’s with the little things. It’s weird. When I’m in a big stadium I don’t feel nervous at all… it’s all adrenaline. But when I have to perform in front of my family or a group of friends…. when I’m in my own living room and mom and dad are watching me sing – that’s when I get nervous.”

On dealing with fame…

“Going to a country and being followed by the paparazzi is not great. But you have to understand and accept that it’s part of your life. Everything has its pros and cons, right? At the beginning, when I was younger, it would be pretty tough. Understanding what was happening to me, that was a real struggle. I just wanted a normal life.”

On leaving family behind…

“Living without my family is the biggest sacrifice that I make every day. Not seeing them and my friends back in Colombia. Bro, that’s hard. Every chance I get I take them with me. But I’m always working, so I kind of worry. Every day I’m doing interviews, shoots, concerts. Six am to the airport… sound check. This is how my days go. Even if they [family or friends] are with me, that’s not good time I’m spending with them. I prefer quality not quantity, so I wait till it’s all done, then we go on holiday together.”

On football…

“I don’t really follow a team, but I follow the players, my friends. People like Leo Messi at Barcelona or Kun Agüero at Manchster City.”


Vest, stylist’s own. Coat, necklace, trousers, sneakers, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

On meditating…

“I started meditating when I was about 12 years old. My aunt was part of a group that did it and she took me along one day. It’s funny, I actually stopped for a while when my career began to take off, but I quickly realised that this was when I needed meditation most. It helps keep me grounded. Now, when the alarm goes off each day, that’s what I spend 15 or 20 minutes doing.”

On staying healthy (but not too healthy)…

“I work out, I eat healthy, but then, I’m a young guy… I don’t want to be too healthy, that’s no fun at all. But then again, I don’t want to have too much fun either! It’s all about balance.”

On going clubbing…

“I go clubbing once in a while, but it’s not really my thing. I’m always surrounded by noise, I’m always in the studio making the music that they’re playing in the clubs. Sometimes I need moments just to chill, relax and just be by myself.”

On choosing a look…

“I choose everything I wear. I actually stopped working with my stylist about three months ago. He was amazing, but I kind of wasn’t feeling the connection any more. I think I’ve changed a lot in our time together, and sometimes stylists only want to work in a really specific way. But I wanted to get back to basics. To do it my own way, go into my closet and choose the shirts, sneakers and watch.”

On style icons…

“I don’t really like following trends, but I do love Lenny Kravitz’ style though, he always looks insanely good.”

Styling: Keanoush Zargham

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