Maroon 5 Rocked Dubai At The Newly Opened Coca-Cola Arena

By Anna Ivanova
24 June 2019
Maroon 5, Adam Levine, Coca-Cola Arena
Credit: Mark Field
One week on and we still can't stop thinking about it

Californian pop-rock band Maroon 5 formally opened the 17,000-seat Coca-Cola Arena with their ‘Red Pill Blues Tour’. The last time the Grammy award-winning group came to Dubai was in 2011 when they performed at the World Trade Centre Arena. If there was ever any doubt about the band’s relevance, the ticket sales reflected people’s enthusiasm – they were all sold out weeks in advance.

It’s funny how divided opinions are on the band. Some people who heard the news that I was attending responded with condescending smiles, while nearly every girl reacted with envy. But the fact remains that Maroon 5 is one of the best-known American bands of the last two decades. (Since it first hit the Billboard top 10 in 2004, the song ‘This Love’ returned to the chart 14 times.)

Maroon 5 at the Coca-Cola Arena

And last Friday, Maroon 5 played most of their hits, from ‘She Will Be Loved’ to their latest release ‘Girls Like You’.

Adam Levine, who celebrated his 40th birthday a few months ago, still looks like an LA bad boy. He started the show sporting a black leather jacket (which he eventually ditched because Dubai summer) with a pink shirt underneath. Accompanied by the screams of fans, ‘What Lovers Do’ was the opening song, but ‘This Love’ had the whole arena on their feet. Levine’s guitar solo was another epic moment.

The band's recent hit ‘Girls Like You’ was performed while a video featuring female celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, Amani al-Khatahtbeh and Behati Prinsloo (Levine's wife) played on stage. You couldn't not be impressed.

Maroon 5 at the Coca-Cola Arena

"It was amazing! We enjoyed every second of it!", said fans when I asked after the show. The only disappointment was that Levine didn’t interact with the audience that much. "Maybe that’s because he had a stomach pain", one of the fans justified.

“I feel a strange pain in my stomach, I don't know if you saw me grabbing my stomach. That's not a cool new dance move, it's an intense pain that I'm still kind of feeling,” Levine said when it was nearing the end of the show. “I’m sure I'll be fine, don't worry. But it sucks. I haven't been bouncing or running around. I want you to know it's not because I don't have any enthusiasm. I'm in a little bit of pain and it's affecting the way I'm singing too. I'm not able to hit all of those notes. I want to be honest with you guys, I think that's important.”

Maroon 5 at the Coca-Cola Arena

For Coca-Cola Arena, the summer will continue with a performance by English pop-rock band The 1975 on August 14, with Irish pop vocal band Westlife bringing their ‘Twenty Tour’ to Dubai on August 29. Additionally, Tony Robbins will bring his "Achieving the Unimaginable" mega event to the stage in September.