Dubai's Newest Members-Only Social Club Is Pretty Cool

By GQ Middle East
18 February 2019
Nasab, Workspace
A hub for creative types in the region, Nasab is where you'll have your next great idea - you'll probably be by the pool at the time

Dubai's finest creative types will be thrilled.

It's not every day that a new concept in workspace is designed with them specifically in mind.


This month, Nasab has opened it's doors as a members only workspace and social club offering creatives, entrepreneurs and artists an inspiring space in which to collaborate and create.


Launched by KOA, a real estate concept created by founder and CEO Mohammed Zaal which is aiming to redefine residential living and working in Dubai, Nasab offers private work spaces and facilities that are designed to feed the spirit of creativity of its members.

With a schedule of curated programming that functions as an immersive cultural magazine, members can expect film screenings, musical performances, political talks, art exhibitions and personal growth as a by-product.


Nasab members are part of a new breed of professionals who travel in style, appreciate upscale environments, work remotely and have blurred the lines between their personal and professional lives. Long meetings in stuffy boardrooms and offices are consigned to the past, as Nasab looks to meet a new digital generation's desire to meet, create and get business done on the go.


“Our main aim throughout the development of Nasab has been to develop a space where creatives, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals have a place to set up homes-away-from-home," of KOA, Mohammed bin Zaal. "We believe balance is everything, that’s why wellness facilities and event spaces play an intimate part in our environment. We wanted to create a space that works as a refuge where great things can happen for our members, a place in which they can effectively work as well as dine, attend events, meet like-minded individuals and form collaborations.”

For more information and to apply for membership, visit
Membership is subject to an approval process.