Mena Massoud Proud To Share Award With "Egypt And The Middle East"

21 October 2019
GQ Men Of The Year 2019, Mena Massoud, Aladdin
Image: Erik Tanner / Styling Keanoush Zargham
Aladdin star as named Breakthrough Talent at the GQ Middle East Men of the Year awards

One of the biggest cheers of the night at the GQ Middle East Men of the Year awards was reserved for Egyptian actor Mena Massoud, who was named Breakthrough Talent for playing the titular role in the Hollywood blockbuster Aladdin.

The film has earned over $1 billion at the box office, and has since its release elevated Massoud into superstardom almost overnight.

“I’m going to make it short because I know you guys have all been sitting down for a long time,” he said as the awards ceremony approached its conclusion. “I want to thank GQ Middle East of course and Adam [Baidawi] for organising all this. I want to thank Claire and Givenchy who came through and put me in this amazing suit. And of course I want to thank our fellow sponsors Vacheron Constantin.”

Recognising achievements in fashion, film, art, television, sport, social justice and literature, the first GQ Middle East Men of the Year awards at the stunning Louvre Abu Dhabi  showcased the depth and breadth of talent across the region. The awards were also an opportunity to honour the men and women who shape the region’s cultural landscape, in a venue that reflects this coming together of Middle East and World culture.

Few artists have typified this more than Massoud.

“And I just want to say that it’s been an amazing year and I’m very proud to share it with Egypt and the Middle East, thank you”.

The 28-year-old actor then delighted the crowd with by giving a few words of thanks in Arabic.

“I thank you all,” he said. “Your support has been very beautiful all year and I hope that we will be celebrating many more things in the coming years, not just with me, but with other Arab and Egyptian artists. Thank you very much, thank you.”

Massoud later joined GQ Middle East Man of the Year winner Mohamed Salah and other celebrities and VIP guests at the after-party at Edition Abu Dhabi.