Michael B. Jordan Is Reportedly In Talks To Become The Next Superman

28 November 2019
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Image: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

He's even pitched his own spin on the character to Warner Bros

It's been little over a year since Henry Cavill announced that he'd no longer be pulling the spandex over his exquisite jawline to become the Man of Steel on the silver screen. The world has seemingly moved on from that era of DC films, and if their latest moves in rebooting Suicide Squad and Batman are anything to go by, Warner Bros. has as well.

Of course, no superhero movie landscape is really complete without the presence of Superman in some capacity, and while Cavill's picturesque tenure as the Man of Steel was decidedly underwhelming in terms of narrative scope, Warner Bros. seem keen to finally crack the character's formula by adding a giving the character's identity a complete overhaul.

According to newly-emerging reports from Hollywood, Creed and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is the front-runner to take over the blue suit and red cape when Warner Bros. decide it's the right time to bring Superman back. With his tenure as Killmonger in the Marvel Universe limited to one film, he's largely free to do what he wants in pursuing a longer-lasting superhero role.

According to Variety, "To help find a way to make Superman relevant to modern audiences, studio brass has been polling lots of high-profile talent. There have been discussions with J.J. Abrams, whose company Bad Robot recently signed a massive first-look deal with the studio, and there was a meeting with Michael B. Jordan earlier this year with the “Creed” star pitching Warners on a vision for the character."

But it's unlikely we'll see Superman come back to screens for some while, with DC most likely keen to give the character some breathing space after years of Henry Cavill playing the archetypal superhero. "However, Jordan isn’t ready to commit to taking on the project since filming doesn’t seem likely to happen for several years and he has a full dance card of projects," they wrote. "Insiders think that a new Superman film is unlikely to hit screens before 2023, given that there’s no script and no director attached."

The more pragmatic view is reportedly one that's recently been adopted by the higher-ups at DC and Warner Bros., after frosty reception to the bulk of their projects pre-Wonder Woman revealed that they'd taken a rushed approach at copying the Marvel model. The studio is now keen to flesh its heroes' stories out more, with an Aquaman spin-off planned and both the Green Lantern and Ezra Miller's Flash also set to get a standalone film.

Via GQ Australia