Mohamed Salah Is A Great Table Tennis Player, Obviously

23 January 2020
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Image: AFP via Getty Images

The Liverpool striker’s ping pong technique is outlandish, to say the least

As if we you needed further proof of Mo Salah’s greatness, he has just proved to the world that not only is he one of the planet’s most dangerous strikers of a football, he’s also pretty decent with a table tennis bat.

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In a video posted to his Facebook page yesterday, the Egyptian King can be seen playing a game of table tennis with fellow Liverpool teammate Dejan Lovren.

The simple back and forth quickly turns competitive when Salah demonstrates some frankly ridiculous tekkers, striking the ball with the inside of his bat.

We had to slow the video down to work out exactly what he was doing, and Lovren doesn’t look too happy about it either.

“Did you ever see this technique?” says the incredulous Croat. “Unbelievable.”

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Lovren fair hammers the ball back at Salah who nonchalantly returns from several paces out. Lovren sets himself for a huge forehand but Salah’s outlandish technique has clearly got to him. He hammers the ball into the net.

GQ Middle East’s 2019 Man of the Year was clearly having the better day. And well he might after the goal he and keeper Alisson Becker scored against Manchester United on Sunday.

When GQ Middle East interviewed him late last year he told us that he just wants to play football. But it appears that Salah is one of those sporting polymaths, a player who is simply good at everything.

Stories of famous sports stars being good at more than one discipline aren’t in short supply. Gary Neville was a very handy professional cricketer, Michael Jordan played professional baseball for a while and South African cricketer AB de Villiers could also have represented his country at swimming and rugby.

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Perhaps Salah could have done the same for table tennis for Egypt. We’ll never know. But we wager that Liverpool’s fans are happy he didn’t try.