Mohamed Salah is Set to Become Liverpool’s Premier League Record Goal Scorer

By Sarah Garden
04 February 2020
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This is how many games it will take him to break the current record

Mohamed Salah has been climbing Liverpool’s goal-scoring ranks at a seemingly unstoppable rate since singing from Roma in 2017.

The forward has scored 14 goals in 22 games in the Premier League this season, cementing his reputation as the “Egyptian king” at Anfield.

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And his overall performance is similarly impressive. In his 96 appearances for Liverpool he’s scored 68 goals, which is a strike rate of 0.70 – that’s better than all four plays currently above him in Liverpool’s PL goal scorer record.

Mohamed Salah

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Salah is just one goal behind Luis Suarez, and his chances of catching the other three former players are looking pretty good. Michel Owen bagged 118 goals for the Reds, Steven Gerrard managed 120, and Robbie Fowler is on top with 128.

According to Planet Football, who have crunched the numbers so that we don’t have to, if Salah manages to continue performing at his current standard (and avoid injury), he’ll be at the top of the record books in another 88 games. And even if it takes him a bit longer, at just 27-years-old he’s got plenty of time.

One thing’s for sure – barring any freak accidents in the next few weeks, Suarez is set to be bumped down the ranks.

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