More Video Calling Apps Unblocked in The UAE

25 March 2020
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It’s good and (for a short time) free to talk

As the country slowly comes to terms with life in self-isolation, the UAE has responded by making an increasing number of video and voice calling apps freely available.

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After domestic WhatsApp video calls were unblocked only last week, they’ve now been joined by Microsoft’s Zoom and Skype for Business, the educational service Blackboard, and Google Hang Out apps – all now working via fixed line internet networks.

“In the context of the current situation, and with the aim of supporting distance learning amid the closure of schools and universities and the growing number of people working from home, the TRA, in coordination with the UAE telecom operators, announces the availability of a group of applications,” read a statement from the regulator.

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It’s a move that we should all be pretty happy about, too… not our words, the words of, oh, you know, science. While WhatsApp groups and regular calls are keeping us going right now, they don’t see the boost in oxytocin that a face-to-face chat will enjoy. This hormone promotes feelings of love, happiness and bonding, and while it’s obviously at its height when you meet in person, you do get a similar boost even on a video call.

So a temporary but welcome move, then, allowing us to check-in with friends and family, carry on working, or simply play the increasing number of unusual games people have created to relieve the boredom under lockdown.

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In the spirit of which, why not try the GQ-approved Rate My Wardrobe? If nothing else, it’ll allow you to maintain human contact and put your newfound video calling options to good use. To play, simply show friends questionable clothes from home and then ask them to vote: keep or ditch? Bingo! You’ve reworked your wardrobe and cleaned the house at the same time. Actually, Bingo, that’s another one you can try via video call. See, this self-isolation thing isn’t going to be so bad after all.