Much Like The Oscars, The 2019 Emmys Might Be A Hostless Affair

17 June 2019
Culture, Emmys
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After the success of the Oscars, Fox and the Television Academy are considering giving the Emmys the same treatment

The road to the 2019 Oscars ceremony was one that was rocky, unpaved and prone to potholes. After the Kevin Hart controversy saw the actor decline the role of host, few others took to the position. In fact, what the whole saga seemed to uncover was the fact that few care to host the event at all, claiming it to be a night of high-stress and little reward.

When the decision was finally reached to do without a host altogether, some were sceptical about just how entertaining that would be for audiences. But it worked, somehow. Majestically, the slew of presenters on the night did their best to have audiences laughing and clapping along, with the large number of awards interspersed with musical numbers including that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance.

Given how slow last year’s Emmy awards were, reports from Variety that the Television Academy and Fox are considering a hostless ceremony have come as good news to many who believe it could mirror the success of the Oscars 2019. While nothing has been decided at an official capacity just yet, a hostless show is “among the leading options” being floated.

The last time the Emmys went without a host was back in 2003, but with less than three months to go until the full telecast, it seems that few contenders have put themselves forward in an effort to get the hosting gig. That said, there is still time for the perfect candidate to show up for the job.

As for nominees, these won’t be announced until July 16. Many have noted that it’s been quite a strange award season, with a number of top contenders delaying their second seasons until summer, pushing them into the next Emmy window so as to avoid going up against Game of Thrones on the drama side of things, and Veep on the comedy side. That said, a number of limited series have showed their potential, with the disaster epic Chernobyl offering a tough, but intensely rewarding account of the Soviet Union’s nuclear reactor meltdown in the mid-80s.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the nominees when they are announced, as well as updates about the ceremony which will take place on September 22 in Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theatre.

Via GQ Australia