Netflix Is Making A Show Based On The Monsters From Big Mouth

08 October 2019
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Image: Netflix

Titled Human Resources

Few things in life prove as awkward and uncomfortable as s** education. Short of putting on American Pie and learning from the mistakes of its protagonists, for most of us s*x-ed was something relegated to the classroom, followed by a chat with our parents over dinner. Having survived those tumultuous years of puberty, it’s safe to say the education we were afforded was significantly lacking. Perhaps it’s merely a case of learning from doing, but even understanding our own bodies was something to be grappled with.

Which is why Big Mouth is the show we wish we had growing up. For those who haven’t watched the hit Netflix show, it follows a group of New York teens as they come to terms with their sexual feelings and insecurities. Tackling everything from puberty, relationships, and navigating sexual orientation, the show is both informative and comedic – featuring several “hormone monsters” that educate and frighten the young human characters.

As you’d expect from co-creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, the show doesn’t sugar-coat puberty, but instead lets the perils of such a transition play out in all their raunchy glory. And thankfully for fans of the animated series, the adventures of the show’s hormone monsters will continue as Netflix announced Big Mouth will get a spinoff series titled, Human Resources.

The announcement comes after Netflix signed a multi-year deal with the show’s animation studio, following the success of Big Mouth’s third season. Clearly, the streaming giant believes the show to be a cartoon powerhouse, and if critical reviews and fan responses are anything to go by, they’re not wrong.

According to reports from Variety, the spinoff will premiere after Big Mouth season five, which means its at least two years away from an official release. Big Mouth co-producer and co-star, Nick Kroll, took to Twitter to confirm the news, posting an 18-second Human Resources promo. The clip features just one of the series’ monsters, standing before a sign that reads “We Manage People.”

Kroll also spoke about the spinoff series at New York Comic-Con, describing it as a series “about the monsters and the creatures and everything that manages people.” Further reports from Screen Rant suggest the series will “build upon surrealistic concepts featured in Big Mouth and show they transfer over to the work place. Given that more and more businesses are prioritising the mental health of employees over long hours, Human Resources will undoubtedly by relevant.”

What we can glean from that is rather limited, but it seems likely that fan following for the spin off will be high.

Via GQ Australia