Netflix Is Reportedly Working On A Documentary Series With Neymar

23 January 2020
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Peeling back the veil around one of the world's most enigmatic footballers

Almost a decade on from the time Brazilian wunderkind stormed on to the footballing scene, Neymar still stands as one of the footballing world's most influential and divisive players. Unstoppable on his day and yet notorious for a string of decisions and attitude that have kept him from ever reaching his true potential, he's always been great, and yet has always stood on the cusp of true greatness, never quite able to reach the level that the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo did when taking their respective teams to global glory.

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Nevertheless, Neymar will go down as one of his generation's most iconic talents, and one who has proven has influential off the pitch as he did on. One of the first footballers to properly embrace pop culture, he's one of the sport's main fashion icons, a grooming inspiration to countless young footballers and, as the talisman of the Brazilian national team, perhaps the most famous figure in his home country.

Ultra-famous, yet something of an enigmatic genius that some have branded a diva, he nonetheless stands as one of sport's most intriguing figures, and Netflix have set themselves the task of peeling back some of the layers behind the player in a new documentary. According to local newspaper Le Parisien, Netflix crews have been seen trailing Neymar for much of the season as he goes about his 2019/20 campaign with PSG.

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There are plenty of things that will draw just about every football fan to want to know more about Neymar. Branded one of the world's top talents from his teenage years, he completed a massive money move to Barcelona back in 2013, where he flourished as part of a partnership with Luis Suarez and the aforementioned Messi.

Yet eager to get out of the Argentinian's shadow and establish himself as a player who can carry a team to European success in his own right, he accepted a monstrous contract and transfer fee to join mega-rich club Paris Saint-Germain, where he's only seen domestic success and once again fallen from the limelight due to the rise of french talent Kylian Mbappe. During this time he's come under disciplinary action a number of times for his poor attitude to training and adversity, with many pundits branding the Neymar experiment a failed one.

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As of yet, no release date or official confirmation of the series has been announced by Netflix, yet it's likely his will be the first of many documentaries about the world's greatest football players to come. In addition to the fantastic documentary Amazon have already made about Steven Gerrard, many in Europe believe that the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are all being hotly pursued by the streaming giants.

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