One Year After Rami Malek Became Our Inaugural Cover Star, He Shows No Sign Of Slowing Down

22 October 2019
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The first person of Arab descent to win a Best Actor Oscar and GQ’s launch cover star is unstoppable

It’s been precisely a year since we first honoured Rami Malek in the pages of this magazine. Since then, he’s lived up to every expectation set upon him. He won a Golden Globe. He took home the Oscar. Next, he’ll wrap up his mind-bending television cult hit, Mr Robot. Then he’ll enter the annals of film history, as a Bond villain.

Over the two long afternoons that I got to know him last year, Rami revealed an authenticity you don’t usually see in the increasingly transactional world of celebrity magazine shoots.

A funny thing happened the day. The entire crew rocked up to a location in the Hollywood Hills, one that had been painstakingly selected and secured. And then, they decided it wasn’t good enough – not for the shoot, not for Rami. By the time he got there a plan had been concocted: let’s move this thing to Palm Springs, to the home of GQ legend Jim Moore. Let’s drive for two hours and make some magic there, instead.

Of course, nothing could move without Rami’s buy-in. Many other celebrities would have balked. They would have phoned their handlers. Not Rami; he was in. He was in to drive there, shoot for hours, and then drive himself back. A grinder, a hustler, a guy committed to the task at hand.

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That’s the kind of leading man Rami is. That’s the kind of man he is. And now, when I think of him, I sometimes imagine that long, straight drive he took from Palm Springs back to LA: a guy on the cusp, clear-eyed, headlights on, with a long road still ahead of him.

Words: Adam Baidawi
Photography: Peggy Sirota
Styling: Jim Moore