Petition Claiming “Keanu Is The Most Wholesome Person Alive” Claims More Than 10K Signatures

19 June 2019
Keanu Reeves, Time Magazine
Fans have created the petition in the hope that it will see Keanu Reeves crowned Time Magazine’s person of the year 2019

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year has existed since 1927, spotlighting the person, group, object or idea that has had the biggest impact on the news of that year. Previous choices have included the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, JFK, even Adolf Hitler. The title often seems to eschew Hollywood and its celebrities, but 2019 might pan out differently – particularly if Keanu Reeves fans have their way.

While all of us share the same hope that Reeves be recognised for his legendary and superior status among the Hollywood elite for just being a great guy, avid fans have turned their desires into something more tangible: a petition.

The goal is simply to have Reeves crowned as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2019. In light of this, the petition states “Keanu is the most wholesome person alive, make him the person of the year!”

What they lack in word count, they make up for in clarity. We concur.

For anyone who was still confused, a press release for the petition has since been published and goes into slightly more depth. It states, “Keanu Reeves is officially an Internet obsession. From the cult-like success of his John Wick movie franchise, to stealing the spotlight in Toy Story 4, to his recent viral cameo in Allie Wong’s Always Be My Maybe on Netflix, let’s face it – the Canadian-American movie icon is making a resurgence. He’s already gained the title of ‘Respectful King’ on Twitter this week when the Twitterverse realised that Keanu respects his female fans by using the time-honoured “hoverhand” technique as he poses with them in photos, so what’s one more title?”

They certainly make a good case for the star and while the goal count for the petition was 15,000, already they have amassed over 10,000 signatures of others who support the notion that Reeves is, quite possibly, the golden child.

Acting chops aside, it’s been well documented just how friendly, polite and compassionate Reeves is. Those who have been on set with him recall that he treated the stage hands and grunt workers by taking them out for free breakfast and lunch, and was always socially approachable. Then there was the 1997 paparazzi shot, showing Reeves hanging out with a homeless person to share some drinks, snacks and simply listen to his story. So yes, if ever there was someone who could wear the badge of “Most wholesome man alive,” it would be Reeves.

While there’s a strong case here, looking back on previous winners of Time’s Person of the Year, rarely has a celebrity taken out the top spot. Instead, the magazine tends to award politicians, scientists, and other individuals who have had a major impact on the world with the highly esteemed title. 

Reeves may not be fighting on the frontlines or breaking barriers when it comes to freedom of speech, but you can’t deny the man is a gift, with his mere presence having a tremendous impact on the world. So maybe, he just might be a contender.

Via GQ Australia