President Trump Agrees to A Four-Hour Debate Hosted By Joe Rogan

15 September 2020
Joe Rogan, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, The Joe Rogan Experience
Image: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/ Zuffa LLC Via Getty Images
Jamie, pull up the weirdest headline you’ll hear today

In classic 2020 news, Donald Trump appears to have agreed to take part in a four-hour debate with his democratic presidential rival Joe Biden, hosted by the American podcaster Joe Rogan.

Rogan, whose show The Joe Rogan Experience is downloaded by millions of people each week, offered to moderate a debate between President Trump and Joe Biden during a podcast with UFC fighter and former special forces soldier, Tim Kennedy.

After the podcast, Kennedy tweeted that Rogan had offered to host a debate with “no live audience, just the two candidates, cameras and their vision of how to move this country forward.”

President Trump then retweeted Kennedy’s post with the words “I do!”, apparently confirming his interest.

Rogan, and the tweet quickly began trending on Twitter, with people speculating over the relative merits of such an event.

While the setting and format might seem outlandish, a debate like this isn’t without precedent. Debates are a key part of any electoral race and as Trump proved in 2016, facts, figures and a well-prepared speech mean little in the face of a candidate playing to the crowd. Just ask Hilary Clinton.

Rogan, meanwhile, is well versed in extended conversations, his podcasts regularly topping three hours as he and his guests go back and forth.

In August of 2019 Bernie Sanders, then a Democratic presidential candidate, appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience in what was widely considered an informative and thoughtful interview. However, Sanders was later criticized after Rogan endorsed his run, by people uncomfortable with Rogan’s political views, listener base and former guests.

Rogan’s podcast has drawn criticism in the past for giving a platform to speakers such as Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones.

If Joe Biden agreed to a debate of this format, it would signal a major cultural shift away from traditional media and into independent podcasting.

Despite signing a $100 million deal with Spotify earlier this year, Rogan prides himself on having no one to answer to but himself.

As yet there is no word from Biden's camp about whether he'd be willing to take part.