Prince Harry Has Thrown His Hat Into The Climate Change Ring

29 September 2019
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"It's a race against time and one which we are losing"

Despite the well-ingrained image of the Queen and her Corgies bush-bashing across the English countryside in a Land Rover, the royals are, to their credit, a family that's long been committed to issues of conservation. Sure, it's a very upper-crust form of conservationism that turns a blind eye to fox hunting and god-knows-what-else, but hey. No-one's perfect.

Even so, the issue of climate change is an issue that the Royals have largely been hesitant to touch on in recent times. It's a talking point as existential and deeply ingrained in every level political discourse as perhaps anything else in our lifetime. Which makes it interesting, given their general no-politics policy and in the wake of the Greta Thunberg-led climate strikes, that the most woke Royal couple has decided to pipe up on the matter.

In case you haven't been following the vast number of outlets dedicated to tracking the Royals' every move like a pack of Bloodhounds, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are, right now, on a tour of Southern Africa which has taken them from South Africa to Botswana. The tour has a strong focus on helping to build bridges with the local communities in the African nations that have a strong connection to Britain as part of their history, while also aiming to highlight the various conservation issues currently affecting the environment of Southern Africa.

Naturally, talking points turned to that of Climate Change. However Harry's take on the matter was refreshingly matter-of-fact. "This last week, led by Greta, the world’s children are striking,” the Prince said, also taking a dig at the certain branch of climate denialists who currently reside in some of the world's most highly-esteemed public offices. "It’s a race against time and one in which we are losing. Everyone knows it, there’s no excuse for not knowing that."

"Everyone knows it... no-one can deny science."

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While it's hard to imaging Phillip switching his state car to a Tesla, it does seem to be an attitude that prevails throughout the younger branch of the Royal Family. Will and Kate also highlighted the need for greater action on climate change, attending the naming ceremony of the new British Polar Research Vessel, RRS Sir David Attenborough (formerly known as Boaty McBoatface).

"Through this state-of-the-art new ship, the British Antarctic Survey will help to expand global knowledge of the polar oceans, and the impact of climate change on this crucial region," the prince said in his speech. "As last week’s climate protests the world over, and yesterday’s report on our oceans and frozen regions demonstrated, there has never been a more important moment for this ship to get to work."

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