Rami Malek Thinks We Should All Be Wearing Face Masks

07 September 2020
Rami Malek, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Face masks
Just put the masks on. It's simple

Rami Malek has some views on face masks. More specifically, he thinks you should be wearing one.

While debate rages (in some parts of the world, at least) about whether wearing a mask is a) necessary and b) an infringement on our civil rights, Malek has exercised some refreshing common sense on the subject.

Talking to us in his interview for the September issue of GQ Middle East, the Oscar winning star of Bohemian Rhapsody and the soon to be released No Time To Die addressed the topic of the coronavirus and wearing a mask.

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“I’m kind of anticipating us going back into lockdown at some point. People have been going out and about without the mask like it’s New Year’s Eve every day,” he said.

“Just put the masks on. That’s it. It’s simple.”

Malek, who rushed to get to London to be with his loved ones before the first lockdown came into effect has, like the rest of the world, been stopped in his tracks by the virus.

Ironically, in his upcoming role as the villain Safin in the next Bond movie, Malek wears a mask. Just not one that covers his nose and mouth. 

Now, as restrictions lift and the world returns to normal, a debate is emerging about whether we should, or need, to wear a mask.

We are firmly with our cover star on this one. Pre-existing conditions aside, wearing a mask is an inconvenience at worst, and at best a potentially life-saving addition to our already growing list of personal accessories.

Invest in a packet of disposable blue medical masks, buy one from a designer brand, order a face visor if you feel the need.

But, whatever you do, in the words of Rami Malek, just put the masks on. It’s simple.