Robert Pattinson Says He's 'Barely Doing Anything' To Keep In Shape For His Role As The Batman

15 May 2020
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It's safe to say he's not going down the Christian Bale route here

The recent rise of the superhero movie has, in a way, transformed the entire process by which you can become a truly certified Hollywood megastar. You need the status as an on-screen superhero, but to get there, you also need to have pulled off a stunning transformation, as evidenced by everyone from Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy, to Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, all the way through to Kumail Nanjiani's newly acquired rig for his role in The Eternals.

But as ever, Robert Pattinson, the latest and undoubtedly quirkiest person to put on the Batsuit and assume the role of the caped crusader, will be an exception to the rule.

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Despite his now well-documented adventures in pasta experimentation suggesting that R-Patz might well be looking for any way possible to maintain a newly-acquired bulk for when The Batman gets back to filming, this appears not to be the case.

Speaking in the same interview to our colleagues at GQ where he shared his truly extraordinary new microwave-based dosage of carbs and sugary tomato sauce, Pattinson also discussed the reason that he wasn't going down the same route as his superhero contemporaries in getting utterly jacked to play Bruce Wayne.

"I think if you're working out all the time, you're part of the problem," he said, referring to the almost universal rule that now applies to many actors trying to become true big-screen heavyweights. "You set a precedent. No one was doing this in the '70s. Even James Dean - he wasn't exactly ripped."

In fairness to Pattinson, he's not exactly wrong. The first batman, Adam West, boasted a thoroughly unimpressive physique, although his iconic spandex Batsuit didn't do him the same kind of favours that the costume designers on The Batman undoubtedly will with their creation.

Still, the aversion to working out seems one that's largely intrinsic to Pattinson's personality. Even as far back as his breakout role in Twilight, his physique was largely dwarfed by that of his co-star, Taylor Lautner. "The one time they told me to take my shirt off, I think they told me to put it back on again," he recalled. You could probably argue that the Vampire had the last laugh, though.

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Even now, he says that despite Warner Bros. having hired him a personal trainer, he's 'barely doing anything' to keep in shape outside of sticking to his meal plan, which consists of oats, protein powder and tuna.

Via GQ Australia