Roger Federer Is In Line To Be Crowned Tennis's First Billionaire

14 January 2020
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Welcome to the ten-figure club

Few athletes in sporting history have been able to cultivate the kind of respect, influence and reputation for class that Roger Federer has. It helps of course that he's arguably the most dominant player of his generation in a highly individualistic sport, but he's demonstrated an almost unprecedented ability to back it up with an impeccable track record of style and grace off the court.

In that time he's displayed an even greater ability to convert said influence and respect into cash, having been one of the most recognisable faces of brands like Nike, Rolex and (cough) Credit Suisse for decades. And now, with Federer having already earned in excess of $900 million USD over his career, 2020 should mark the year that the Fed Express is attains the title of Tennis's first-ever billionaire.

The second half of Federer's near two-decade-long career has been by far the most lucrative. Since 2010, he has been consistently among the world's highest paid athletes, and in the last 10 years Forbes reported that he has totalled earnings of $640 million USD, with more to come off the back of a 10-year, $300 million USD deal that he signed with clothing supplier Uniqlo midway through last year.

Assuming nothing goes catastrophically wrong for the tennis player, the amount he earns this year from his remaining endorsements should be more than enough to carry his total earnings into the ten figures. Just $130 million of that is prize money, which speaks volumes as to his almost universal marketability.

Federer credits his financial success to his relative conservatism in choosing both sponsors and investment opportunities. He famously waited a long time to sign the endorsement deals that he did, later reflecting that "I think it's great I kept a bit of a white canvas, then I was able to partner with the best brands in the world."

He's also been notedly frugal in investing his earnings, with his entrepreneuring stake in Swiss running shoe company On the most significant investment that he's made. You can learn more about that here.

Via GQ Australia