Scarface Is Set To Get A Reboot Courtesy Of Call Me By Your Name’s Director

18 May 2020
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Luca Guadagnino is tapped to direct the upcoming Scarface reboot

There are certain films that prove so ingenious and captivating to audiences, that those within the industry can only marvel and wonder how they might re-imagine such a work of art for the modern age. The film industry has a penchant for rebooting films of such standing, with Disney having focused their attention solely on rebooting our favourites from childhood, only this time there aren’t any cute animated tigers but live-action animals instead. And while Scarface might not be a film you’d follow-up with the words “cute” and “childhood”, the 1983 remake has outlived many movies of its time, becoming something of a phenomenon with a cult-like following. Now, it’s set to get a reboot.

According to reports from The Hollywood ReporterLuca Guadagnino, the director and producer of Call Me By Your Name, has been tapped to direct the upcoming Scarface reboot. It comes after there was talk of other directors taking the job, including David Ayer and Antoine Fuqua. But as anyone who saw Call Me By Your Name can attest, Guadagnino has a way with the camera and should the rumours be true, we’ll be in for a wild (and deeply emotional) cinematic time.

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It’s interesting to note that while Scarface came out to relatively bad reviews which claimed director Brian De Palma had made something trashy from the original 1932 classic, the movie crept into public consciousness and soon became iconic. A lot of this has to do with the exceptional acting of a Mr Al Pacino who stars as Tony Montana, a small-time Cuban exile who sets about grabbing the American Dream through crime. Over the course of three hours, audiences watch with amazement as Tony rises from being a humble dishwasher to a drug lord. It’s a celebration of gangsta life and hip-hop culture and while it’s incredible to think the film came out in 1983, what it presents thematically is eerily on the nose. 

According to the reports, the new reboot is set to be set in Los Angeles, following Howard Haws’ 1932 installment in Chicago and Brian De Palma’s 1983 version in Miami. It’s believed the film will be produced by Dylan Clark and executive produced by Scott Stuber, Marco Marabito, Brian Williams, Jay Polidoro, and Lexi Barta. While the project has been gestating for some time now, it seems that with Guadagnino being appointed as director (supposedly), the ball might finally be rolling.

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