See Inside John Stamos’s $8.3M Spanish-Style House Complete With A Music Room Of Memorabilia

04 August 2019
John Stamos, Beverly Hill, Design, House
Located in Beverly Hill, this former bachelor-pad features an impressive collection of Disney memorabilia and rustic charm

Since he first dazzled on our TV screens in the ‘80s drama, General Hospital, John Stamos has brought audiences together in loving adoration. Such a truth is universally acknowledged. Ah yes, the man is revered by males and loved by women, making his life one of perpetual smooth sailing. You might not be able to possess his charismatic charm or impeccably good looks, but if you’ve got a spare $8.3 million burning your pocket, you can own his house. The actor has recently put his Spanish-style residence in Beverly Hills on the market, coming in at $US5.8 million.

The two-bedroom pad was first purchased in 2005, when Stamos was merely a bachelor living out his wild, carefree days with numerous parties and poolside jaunts in Beverly Hills.

Since then, Stamos has been married and now has a son, Billy. The monumental changes that occurred in his life didn’t happen in isolation however, but are instead reflected in the décor and charm of the house. Inside, the home is one of rustic design, decorated with earth tones and reclaimed materials.

He’s garnered a reputation for being quite the heartthrob on screen, and it’s clear that even in reality Stamos is quite the romantic. Throughout the house, one can find intimate details such as numerous picture and other personal items (including a framed letter from his late parents).

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Stamos said of the home, “This place is more ‘me’ than any other house that I’ve lived in, starting with the bones of it, which are grounded and old-school. I was able to start as a bachelor and, then, marriage and the kid. I even got married on the property, so it just represents a lot of changes throughout my life.”

He went on to explain, “It started out as a party house, and then I straightened my act out and it became a healing house. And then, all of a sudden, Caitlin came into my life, and that was joyous and it took a turn there.”

The house, designed in collaboration with Chris Barrett of Chris Barrett Design, was intended to reflect Stamos’s personality and interests, including playing music. As Barrett describes, “I knew we needed to add a bit of humour whenever we could. We added small moments here and there. Our mission was to create a feeling of comfort and approachability.”

Of course, while the home does have some rustic charm, opulence can still be found. There’s the pool with its panoramic views of Los Angeles. And the music room, trimmed with Disney memorabilia and instruments. “It was just a jam room: every party, every holiday, every chance,” said Stamos.

“I’ve had parties in there where it would just turn into a full-blown dance party with one hundred people in that little room, dancing and sweating and singing.” It’s in this room that Stamos hosted musicians like America and the Beach Boys, whom he has performed with hundreds of times since 1984.

Imagine, being able to claim to your guests that such legends of music had traversed that very room. It just makes that cool $8 million seem reasonable.

Via GQ Australia