See Inside Post Malone’s Rumoured $3M Apocalypse Shelter

15 September 2019
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“It’s going to be fun, until the world ends”

Back in 2017, when featured on the H3 Podcast, Post Malone revealed that he wanted to build an apocalypse shelter. It’s not the first thing you’d expect of one of the biggest stars in music, particularly when most other celebrities take to the real estate market with an eye for only the most elaborate mansions, those that boast sea-side views and stunning vistas, or in the case of Alicia Keys, influence the futuristic pad of a certain Tony Stark.

But no. That doesn’t fly with Malone. Instead, he wants something underground; something built to see out the end of civilisation. “It’s going to be fun until the world ends,” he said on the podcast. “But whenever the world ends, it’s going to be functional.”While some were quick to brush it off as merely conversational banter, Malone followed up his chat with a Rolling Stone interview, which saw him elaborate on his apocalypse shelter plans. He revealed to the publication that he was buying a 13,000-square-foot home in Northern Utah for a cool $US3 million.

“I’m going to put in, like, 30 bunk beds,” said Malone. “It’s free country out there. Like, you can buy suppressors in Utah. You can do open-carry. Walk into the grocery store with a handgun on your hip. Cowboy s***. I can’t wait.”

Thanks to some artful sleuthing from TMZ, the massive bunker owned by Malone might just have been uncovered. The home is based in Northern Utah in a secluded area just outside of Salt Lake City, apparently taking up a staggering 6.75 acres of land. A video of the suspected house reveals a stunning landscape with mountains, canyons and city skyline.

And if the exterior wasn’t enough, the interior is pretty flash too. The house boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms in a 12,702 square foot mansion that includes a fire pit, basketball court, wine cellar, home gym, hot tub, recording studio and yes, you guessed it, 30 bunk beds for his closest friends seeking refuge from impending doom.

In an interview with Variety, Malone said about the apocalypse house: “Being in Utah and being away from the grind and from everybody else, and it’s just me with my video games and a cold one, that feels good to me.”

Given that Post Malone’s third album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, just came out last week to some stellar reviews, he’s got a lot more to feel good about. NME praised the record, saying “At times he sounds like Julian Casablancas. At others he sounds like '70s FM radio. This accomplished and eclectic record, though, could only come from Post Malone.”

Sadly, for fans anticipating a collaboration between the artist and Eminem, that unfortunately fell through. Malone told Zane Lowe of Beats 1 that the pair were trying to work everything out, “but just timing-wise, sometimes they just don’t match up at the right time. There will be a time.”

Via GQ Australia