Sly Stallone Is Teasing Fans With A Demolition Man Sequel

14 May 2020
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The sci-fi blockbuster made $159 million, on a budget of just $57 million in 1993

Cast your mind back to 1993 (for those of you who were alive and old enough to understand what was going on before you) and one of the unexpected hit films of the year was Sylvester Stallone’s Demolition Man.

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It was an age where sci-fi films dominated the cinema – Ghost Busters, Alien, it’s no mistake that these films all cleared up the box-office, audiences were obsessed with such themes (and many still are). What they received in Demolition Man was a sci-fi shoot-em-up with the world’s biggest action stars of the time: Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Hollywood golden-girl Sandra Bullock. We may have moved on from 1993, but Stallone apparently has a sequel on the cards that he’s been working on in secret.

Taking to Instagram to unveil the news, Stallone revealed to fans that he’s in the midst of working on a Demolition Man sequel. “Can we get another Demo Man,” he said in response to a fan. “I think there is coming…we’re working on it right now with Warner Bros. It’s looking fantastic. So that should come out, that’s gonna happen.”

But as Gizmodo suggests, despite breaking the news to fans, no major studio followed up with a confirmation announcement. Warner Bros. didn’t make an announcement, nor did any other studio that might have acquired the rights to the franchise. As a result, it’s hard to say whether we should believe Stallone and hope that we do in deed get a Demolition Man sequel, or simply laugh it off.

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The original film followed Stallone’s Sargent John Spartan, a cop who left a trail of destruction in his wake and is placed in a cryogenic prison. When he’s eventually defrosted in the year 2032, he finds Los Angeles has become a politically correct ‘utopia’ where all manner of behaviour – s*x, swearing, drinking – is restricted, leading to a heavily controlled, non-violent society. But when Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), a 20th century madman, escapes from cryo-prison and begins to wreak havoc in this new LA, John Spartan is charged with taking him down.

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It’s hard not to look back at the plot and the date of 2032 and laugh. Certainly, should the sequel be made, they’d be able to draw on a lot of crazier stuff for inspiration like, oh we don’t know, a global pandemic we’re now all living in. After earning $159.1 million on a budget of just $57 million, there’s no denying that audiences loved the film. So maybe Stallone has a point of making a sequel, sadly we’ll just have to wait to find out.

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