Spider-Man vs. Deadpool: Tom Holland Has No Reason To Fear Ryan Reynolds, Says Jake Gyllenhaal

04 July 2019
Spider-Man Far From Home, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland
This clip has made us a little bit scared of Jake Gyllenhaal, though

If you have trouble getting a read on Jake Gyllenhaal, don’t worry – Tom Holland does too.

“Every actor I’ve ever worked with has this thing where they switch it on. Just before the take goes you can tell, right, they’re in the character. Jake’s switch is seamless. Sometimes you’re like, is he just talking to me or is he actually acting? They’re no barrier him and the character –he’s able to move in and out without any hiccups here and there. Sometimes if he’s laughing, I think that he’s just laughing, and I realise, oh no, he’s acting! Stay in it!”

We’re on the set of Spider-Man: Far from Home, and Tom, Jake and I – we’re not a first name basis but let’s pretend – are sitting in London, and Jake is trying to remember the last time we met.

“Two years ago, I told you I had my first kiss during October Sky,” I tell Gyllenhaal.

“Oh right!” says Gyllenhaal.

“No way! Me too!” chimes in Holland.

“You’ve never even seen October Sky, have you?” Gyllenhaal asks Holland.

“I have!” Holland says, smirking at me.

“Liar. Total lie.” Says Gyllenhaal.

Spider-Man far from home

The last time Gyllenhaal and I spoke, he was excited about the new ‘friend for life’ he’d made on the set of the science fiction film Life, Ryan Reynolds. Marvel is famously secretive, but unconfirmed rumors have spread across the internet that the next Spider-Man film could see the webslinger team up with Reynolds’s Deadpool, now that the rights to both characters are under the same company.

“If that does happen, do you have any tips on how Tom should deal with Ryan Reynolds?” I ask Jake.

“I don’t know – who is Ryan Reynolds?” Gyllenhaal deadpans.

“He was in Deadpool,” I say. “Didn’t you see Deadpool?”

“No,” says Holland.

Gyllenhaal furrows his brow in concern.

“He’s the other guy who has the mask like yours, that isn’t as cool as your mask, right?” Gyllenhaal asks Holland. “They’re both red right?”

“I love Ryan Reynolds. I’m just going along with the joke but, I love Ryan Reynolds,” Holland says.

“He’s just scared. It’s fine. You don’t have to be scared of Ryan Reynolds,” Gyllenhaal says, looking directly into the camera.

In Spider-Man: Far from Home, Gyllenhaal plays Mysterio, a hero from another dimension with a penchant for long flowing capes and golden armor. The famously meticulous actor made many alterations to be sure that the costume would force him to carry himself in a way that would project the character’s personality.

“The suit itself creates a real physicality,” says Gyllenhaal.

“What, that you can’t move?” asks Holland.

“Yeah! There’s only so much you can move, and you’re forced to stand in a particular way. There were a number of things I asked for in the suit that would change the way that I stand. We had a couple different versions of heights of shoes that was really important to me. Sometimes I wanted to feel like I was a lot taller,” says Gyllenhaal.

“I did think that when I first met you. I was like, jeez, Jake is really tall!” says Holland.

“There was something to that! I wanted to walk on set feeling that kind of prowess. You’re walking into a world where Iron Man has just left. As a character I didn’t know those things when I first arrived on earth, but as an actor I’m aware of that. You want to feel that power that you can feel as a superhero. That suit really did it.”

Spider-Man: Far from Home is in cinemas now