Stranger Things 3 Has Smashed A Number Of Netflix Records In Just 4 Days

10 July 2019
Stranger Things, Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Although notorious for being guarded with their stats, Netflix could not resist sharing the records broken by Season 3 of Stranger Things

Over the space of three years, Stranger Things has cemented itself as the show of a generation. To expose yourself as someone who hasn’t watched the show, or simply isn’t a fan, will see you outcast from society and met with a kind of derision that is so aggressive in its disappointment, it seems just one step away from a public stoning.

Since its release in 2016, the sci-fi show has shot many a child star into the spotlight of fame. For many, its neon-laden nostalgia hits are enough to transport audiences back to the ‘80s with sensory realism, and its story is one that is equal parts scary, exciting, and heartbreaking.

Much like the wait that followed season seven of Game of Thrones, audiences had to bide their time for the third instalment of Stranger Things. Netflix continued to tease, dropping set photos and scarce details on what we could expect, but it did little to satiate our hunger for the show’s return – something that showed in our eagerness to devour the eight episodes in one go.

In less than a week, season three racked up 40.7 million viewings from household accounts, exceeding all previous records for any film or series in a release’s first four days.

Not only that, but so popular was the comeback of the beloved series, that it appears audiences couldn’t stop themselves from bingeing all episodes. Netflix claims that 18.2 million of those accounts managed to finish the entire eight-episode season.

The statistics are a rare glimpse into the show’s success, as well as the prevalence and popularity of Netflix’s streaming platform. Having accumulated that many views in such a short space of time, it seems the series might just be on track to topple the previous record Netflix revealed to the public, following the success of the Sandra Bullock-led Bird Box. Within seven days of its release in December, the film was watched by more than 45 million accounts.

For that rare number of people who aren’t familiar with the series, the announcement from Netflix only confirmed what fans have been saying for years: Stranger Things is one of the greatest shows of our time. In fact, if Twitter reactions are anything to go by, most fans weren’t so much surprised by the stats as they were disappointed that people had yet to finish all eight episodes.

As one Twitter user commented, “You’re telling me there are still people who haven’t finished the season yet? Let me move my bang so I can read that again.”

Via GQ Australia