Take A Tour Of MJ's $22M Chicago Mansion That’s (Still) For Sale

29 May 2020
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Michael Jordan is selling an impressive estate, but no one is jumping at the chance to own his former-residence

He was a cultural phenomenon before, but it seems the success of ESPN’s docu-series The Last Dance has once again catapulted Michael Jordan back into the spotlight. It’s hard to say if he ever truly left, with basketball fans continuing to sing his praises long after his retirement from the sport. The Last Dance presented a player that was bigger than the sport itself, with universal appeal, but with a competitive spirit that saw Jordan berate his own teammates and demand perfection in order to win at all costs. It’s surprising then, that when it comes to selling houses, the same competitive nature to succeed can’t be applied and for his luxury Chicago mansion, it’s still sitting pretty on the market since 2012.

You’d think potential buyers would be chomping at the bit at the opportunity to own a former residence of the NBA star, but perhaps when the asking price is $14.9 million USD, that narrows the pool of potential buyers considerably. And that’s even a reduced price! When the property first hit the market, its original asking price was a staggering $29 million USD. It seems MJ has had to rethink his asking price, should he ever want to sell the place.

As for the actual property though, it leaves little to be desired. Much as you’d expect of MJ, there are notable customisations befitting of someone who became an icon, with people expressing the wish to “be like Mike”. The 56,000 square ft. home sits on more than seven acres, boasts nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, a 14-car garage, an infinity pool, a forest preserve, and a fish pond. Jordan added a regulation-size basketball gym, a card room, a putting room because you know the man loves his golf, a cigar room (complete with air filtration), a wine cellar, and a workout room.

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And just in case you should forget who previously owned the place, you need only gaze as the “23” emblazoned on the front gate, a call back to Jordan’s lucky jersey when playing with the Chicago Bulls.

Unfortunately, you won’t find images of the estate online, but in MJ fashion there is a spectacular video that could tempt anyone to reach deep into their pockets for this mansion. Given the interest that The Last Dance has sparked around Jordan once again, we wouldn’t be surprised if 2020 finally saw the estate sold.

Via GQ Australia